A Full Fallout conversion

Hey everyone, So I’ve got a big project in mind. I want to turn Grim Dawn into a fallout universe. I’m a huge fallout 1&2 fan and i was thinking of fallout 1, I mean everything edited. so anyone with experience in modding or ideas lets put them on this topic!!!

Puting the huge amount of work that has to be done aside, I have one question: how do you intend to make turn-based combat? =) After all, F1&2 are more “slow paced”, and GD - or any other ARPG for that matter - is the complete opposite.

I remember something about F:NV mod that converts it to F1 to certain extent, though. But I assume it’s long dead. I once tried to make a mod for F3 to make it even ::a bit:: similar to the originals, RPG system and balance in general. I dropped it pretty fast because the amount of work was way above my paygrade XD

Should probably move the topic in modding subforum as well, I suspect.

I was thinking of just making it real time kind of like tactics but with fonline. and it is a huge amount of work…everything from the ground up. And I work from home so i figured why not. it is completely slow paced but, i can fix that by either making the enemies tougher and fewer and/or making attacks recharge rate longer i.e shooting guns/swing weapons. Right now I’m just putting the finishing touches to the entrance to the vault and the small cave area. The wife is a cinema editor so I’ll have her do the editing for cutscenes/intro movie along with dialog…i’ve also got the monumental task of redoing the devotions…currently renamed to talents&mutations. Primary stats are(life-strength)(Wits-cunning)Action Points-Spirit). Right now im just looking for any idea’s others might have and some feedback. This mod will just focus on the lore and areas of fallout 1 and depending on how good it turns out I’ll most likely branch out into other fallouts.

Some of the classes are already finished.

You guys are real serious about it, aren’t you? Well, unfortunately I won’t be of much help cuz I’mma fuckin’ nobody. But good luck on your endeavor.

pfft man, it’s all about idea’s and things others might wanna see…obvi you played 1 or 2 and know it’s turn based lol ik you got some idea’s and everybody is somebody ya feel me

I mean, yeah, I guess… In fact, it so happens that both F1&2 and GD are one of my all time favorites, so I’m kinda “in tune” with both worlds, he-he. Don’t know shit about modding of any of them, though.

lol its all good, this forums just about idea’s not actually modding…i have another post in the modding section. any idea’s like classes/locations or something you’d think would be cool in it.feel free to type it down…aint no wrong answers

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