a greetings and a trading question

first off, got this game on a whim when AoM came out, and 300 hours later, it’s everything I wanted in an arpg since I stopped playing diablo 2.

what I am curious about is that on perusing trade threads, i’ve seen people requesting the recipes to certain relics and such. I assume this means there’s a viable strategy of holding on to certain high value recipes you’re not planning to use in order to get better trading position? or am I missing something? I’ve googled around for an answer without success, and figured it’d be better to ask on here first than mucking up another subforum.

I learn every recipe i drop. You will use most of em the more you play cause you will try lot of builds. Welcome!

Welcome to the forums!

Recipes that you’ve learn no longer show up as drops. You can still get repeats from quests though such as The Origin of the Slith.

Otherwise, what I used to do was hold onto blueprints I hadn’t learnt (and did not currently need to craft or in the foreseeable future) until I had found a 2nd or 3rd copy to learn and hold onto the first 1-2 for trading. I’d only do this for Mythical relics though, you’ll want as many Empowered/Transcendent relic recipes learned as they are used for crafting Mythicals.

thanks all, that’s what i figured. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective), I got and right-clicked most of the high-demand relic recipes before I realized their value. Too bad I still can’t get a reforged chains of oleron to save my life!

Seriously though, I do appreciate how this game actually makes self-found a viable gameplay choice, as opposed to…other games currently in the genre, heh.