A grim day to you, fellow crateposters

Hello, my name is Zaefnyr and my favorite class in any RPG has always been the necromancer - I always find it interesting when devs manage to make this class something else than “summon minions”, and I find it especially interesting how they fit the cold, vitality and aether damage archetypes into the necromancer’s skills. Unfortunately, my only level 100 character is a Warder (which honestly was pretty easy to level haha) but I’m looking forward to trying out all the combinations in this game!

P.S. I’ve seen that a pistol-necro build is possible recently coz of an item that changes fire dmg to vitality, can’t wait to try that out!


Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Enjoy trying out all the classes and the variations you can make with them.

Thank you! For now the Build Compendium helps out a lot, but I hope to create a viable build myself and post it there at some point!

Welcome! Avatar is on point!:wink:

thanks i do my best :laughing:

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