A Holler from a Tennessee Hollow

Hail !

Just stumbled upon Grim Dawn tonight by way of SoulSeeker’s TQ Defiler and TitanQuest.Net… I’d dusted off and reinstalled TQ\IT a week ago and already I’m off sneaking playtime with TQ into the wee hours of the night, while the rest in the house are snoring away (just like it was after I bought TQ years ago)! I have history with that game - and already i’m lookin forward to makin some with this one :smiley:

The game looks great … brutal combat vid … I love the way the bookcase gets violently thrown while rotating two dozen times as the knight\paladin guy smashes through a wall with his mace :stuck_out_tongue: really n-i-i-ce touch !

BTW - glad to see some of the dedicated and talented mods from the TQ forum working here too

chattanooga n

Welcome to the forum!

Another member because of the TQ Defiler, nice.
Welcome aboard!