A kind of late hello y'all

as you can probably see, I am lurking this Forums for quite some time now yet became an active participant just recently. I liked Titan Quest very much. The only thing I disliked was - just like in Diablo 2 - how different the acts were setting-wise. Not a fan of that and I am pretty positive, that Grim Dawn does not take that route. That given, I guess, Grim Dawn will be the perfect aRPG for my taste, as Titan Quest did everything else right.

Right now, I started translating Grim Dawn to german language. German obviously is my mother tongue, so excuse my grammar. :smiley:

Yea Grim Dawn from what I can tell is where you actually travel to the next act as opposed to appearing out of nowhere like in most other games.

Welcome to the forums and good luck with the translation :slight_smile:

Well you’ll be glad to hear then that the “acts” in Grim Dawn are different settings, but not completely different areas, as they are based around one central island where the main town is, so they don’t change too drastically (like you may go from marshes to farmland, but you won’t be going from snow to desert, etc.) :wink:
Anyway, welcome to the forums Schreiberling, and I hope you enjoy your stay as an actual member here as much as you enjoy the game itself. :smiley:
Younghappy :slight_smile: