A little help for a new player

Hello :slight_smile: First of all I must say, that so far I was playing on with a Nightblade.I got with crucible and loyalist upgrade now, but I am finding it hard to find a proper build.I red almost all the threads here, but since i dont understand the most terms that ppl use I got really confused.I dont know what exactly crucible is, so I think am gonna play the normal campaing for now.I saw these builds :

[] Shadowstrike Spellbreaker: 17s Dummy, 4s Madqueen, Kill Cronley before his Maiven’s

[]Conjurer-Avatar of Solael-Chaos/Vitality Doom Bolt+procs Build+Crucible Farmer

[] Dracarris Incarnate - Pet/Fire Hybrid Pyromancer, 6s Mad Queen, Solo Gladiator Extra Spawn

I was going to try the summoner thing, since i like ranged game play…but others seems quite nice too.My question is, are there builds still viable for ? Which one is a good for a starter ?
I know this is a stupid question, but… since i dont have much time to play I decided to ask for some help :slight_smile:

You need to define what you meant by viable. All the builds you mentioned are perfect for almost all contents (except gladiator crucible, but its still doable, just requires a bit more experience and skill). Unlike PoE, you can mostly respec skill distribution (soon master and attributes too in expansion) so you are free to jump right in without following any specific guide, since you can essentially remedy any mistakes. Regardless, if you wish to follow existing builds, then the ones you mentioned are excellent ones. Just don’t hope for achieving those kill time because it might need some luck with RNG and experience/skill.

By viable, I ment for , since there is new patch of what I saw, and someone mentioned that the builds are updated for it.I started with Dracarris ,will see how it will go :slight_smile: thank you for your response.


What exatcly do you mean, when you say “proper build” or “viable build”?

Personally I consider my builds as viable, if I can clear the conten with a decent kill speed, don´t die all the time and, most importantly, have fun. :undecided:

Those builds you posted only work very well with very specific gear.

My advise: Just play, use spells and gear that you find fun, see what works.
Trying to make someone else build work can be frustrating.
This isn´t Diablo 3, you don´t have to follow a formula to beat the game.

Don´t be mad if you gimp your first few characters. GD isn´t very forgiving once you hit Ultimate. :stuck_out_tongue:

The patch didn’t made any huge impact on any of the build you listed. Usually no patch update will render any build useless or non viable since it’s a single player game with no competition or FOTM. The differences are usually of few seconds in kill times for various named boss and nemesis.

Yes, by viable and proper, I mean exactly this - beat the game with a proper speed while not dying so much(which requires some skills,ofc). As I said, I dont have much time to play, therefore I like to use other people’s builds rather than testing my own builds(in a game that I am pretty new).I know everyone has its own preferences and play style, but overall there should be some “good” builds that can clear game content with a better speed/ease than other.Thats why I asked and posted some of the builds I saw and like.

You do not find that you are asking too much - you do not have time for the farming of rare and very specific things, but you are looking at the builds that are assembled and working only because of them.

What you need is a build that can go through all the content of the game and be independent of things at the same time. A vitality caster is suitable for such criteria.

Maybe I didnt wrote it right.I don’t have the time to test my own builds, dont have the time to closer look at all the possible skills and related to them stuffs and so.Thats why for me its better to follow builds made by ppl that knows the stuff.If I need some item, I can farm it, its way more faster than wondering what skills to use, what items are required and such.Maybe, as you said, I need a build that can clear the game content and its not soooo much gear dependant.Anyway I am testing the Drakariss build right now.Still 23 lvl so… dont know what it be.I got some legendaries from my 54 lvl whichblade.

Check out my guide for new players. That will likely answer many of your questions and helps define a lot of the terms that most long time players take for granted. Personally, my first characters were Witch Hunter and Witchblade, which, from scratch, were both able to complete Ultimate with self-found gear (nowhere close to the end game gear mentioned in the guides). As Safarel mentioned, a Vitality Conjurer is a great starting character. ForgottenKane’s guide is all you should need to know about the build. That said, DaShiv’s Dracarris Incarnate build is very good.

Sword/Shield Frostburn Blademaster - http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=52940

Lightning/Pet Hybrid Druid - http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=55529

Both of those builds have completed the game + all 3 challenge dungeons on Ultimate hardcore using self-found gear. The first one in particular is very tanky and safe.