A little help with Demolitionist

So I’m looking to overcap 2 skills by +10 - Flame Touched and Blast Shield. Any idea on how I find the items/gear/weapons/etc necessary to do that? Thanks so much for any help!

Well you start with + All Demolitionist (quite easy to get a +6 honestly if you maximised on it all) and then you try to add piece that give to your need.

Also I will go ahead and say not really sure if those two skills are worth the +10 you are thinking about but that’s up to you

What Kralw said, getting Flame Touched or Blast Shield high helps with damage/offensive ability and survivability respectively but they are only one source out of many.

Depending on what weapons you’re using though, you might consider a well-rolled Fleshwarped Incinerator or Obsidian Bulwark, they’ll make maxing one or both a piece of cake.