A lot of Regular Bosses Need a Buff

Have to say, throughout my time playing this game, a lot of the regular light

pink named bosses were really not that hard. I’ll give the exceptions to a few

challenging bosses:

  1. Gabal’Thunn, The Visage of Madness
  2. Kra’vall, Ancient of the Waters
  3. Gargabol, Heart of the Wild
  4. Rashalga, the Mad Queen

Even though, “The Master of Flesh ~ Theodin Marcell”

was an awesome bossfight, he really wasn’t that difficult once you

have over capped your aether resistance. Then he becomes a breeze. His

loot is god awful though which is a bummer and causes most people to not

want to farm him anyway because of that. Another example,

“Ekket’Zul, Progenitor of Darkness.” Cool boss,

intimidating looking, but doesn’t hold up to any kind of difficulty. If you are

having troubles with this boss for whatever reason, then you are probably

not giving much thought about your character in the first place.

You may want to keep in mind that your divine lightning powers put you a step above mortals. :wink:

The game’s difficulty has been meticulously tuned over years and we are very happy with where it is overall, including the aforementioned bosses.

You are welcome to adjust the difficulty through modding to suit your tastes for yourself and like-minded individuals, or you can try the Shattered Realm in the next expansion as its difficulty ramps up far beyond what the Crucible offers.

Says Grava needs a buff in the other thread, says Gabal’Thunn is a challenging boss.

Okay. Questionable opinion, but an opinion i guess.

Try to keep in mind that only 5% of players get through ultimate in vanilla GD. I’m going to make a mod that revamps almost every boss fight tho for us masochists.

Act’s 1 thru 4 have been nerfed over and over and over to the point where they are just not on par with AoM’s content. The difficulty progression is just non existent in this game now a days.
AoM standard is much harder content then Act 4 Elite and this shouldn’t be the case at all.
I am no where near a top notch player (more average then anything) And there is nothing in the first 4 acts that is remotely challenging anymore.
All of This is true on all 3 difficulties.

have over capped your aether resistance. Then he becomes a breeze

Well…don’t overcap.

(I’ve fought grava with under-capped res even before he even uses his RR. Died a few times as I pushed them down…down… also fought him a shameful number of times…)

You should easily be able to push past my 50% limit to 0% resists and even -50%. Fight naked.

That is the nature of getting too familiar with the content.

I also suspect that without helpful banners, the FG endless may be more challenging.

I’m going to make a mod that revamps almost every boss fight tho for us masochists.

Make every action a one-shot that needs dodging. That should quell the uproar.

Make every action a one-shot that needs dodging. That should quell the uproar.

If you want such “content” why are you bothering with ARPG? There is plenty of danmaku-shooters on the market, check these out https://youtu.be/JJgy5skcMJI?t=99

That was sarcasm.

But after watching that link, I’m lucky not to have a seizure. I thought that was a colors thing of the last decade. Interesting, though.

I`m against oneshots and telegraphed attacks in ARPG. Telegraphed attacks are lame and oneshots are a symptom of faulty defense mechanic. The best bosses In GD are IM, Reaper, Chuppa and Valdran - all of them just run in your face and smash it, like a true boss must do. I hate stationary “boses” that afk spam danmaku at random direction - they feel lame.
BTW if any of nemesis need a help, then its Benny. He stuck in his own mines all the time. Poor basterd, cant even walk out of his own crap t_T

I somewhat agree that some bosses are a little too generic and easy, but both Ekketzul and Theodin are NOT the ones that could use some touch. They are among the fairly dangerous ones.

I always love the masochists in the Hack’n Slash games that complain because their almost perfect Best-in-Slot character trample on the ennemies without problems.
Truth is, according to achievements, less than 10% players kill Theodin Marcell in normal mode and about 2,2% kill him on Ultimate.
Hardest bosses isn’t what the game needs.

If you want to experience some “real” difficulty (whatever that means), just try to play with a character with only blue/epic items and no legendaries.

As long as you know what you are doing beating the game with SSF gear on HC is trivial. Cap resistance, push DA to 3500, pick some dmg reduction and voila, the only mobs in the game that can kill you are : Loxmere due to nullification+energy burn, Grava - same story and invisible projectiles of instadeath, MQ with her lifereduction aura, Reaper, Superbosses… and boredom :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly…with experience almost any encounter WILL become trivial regardles of how well equiped your char is.

It’s NOT a case of mob xyz isx too weak, it’s a case of YOU have got too used to killing the same mob over and over again and how it reacts :wink:

Played the Laste Epoch Demo a few days back, and they had some sort of “True Solo” -mode for characters, meaning you start that character without access to the shared stash etc. Same can be done in GD, with a few clicks.
That might add a little bit more difficulty for bored GD veterans. :wink:

I have to advocate the light and agree with Zeus. Sigh with Evil Zantai against us. It will be hard to make this happen. Might as well rename the xpac : Forgotten Bosses( referring mainly to base game enemies ) :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. MC is trivial. Once you put your res, da, health and armor up, pick up some other layers of defense like dodge/deflect, enemy dmg reduction, % or flat absorption, fumble/impaired aim, secondary res, phys res and maybe adcth, and get your dps to a decent level (to avoid getting overwhelmed) by picking up rr, stacking % and flat dmg, taking care of oa and crit damage, maxing attack or cast speed, and also taking care of energy issues by picking up some form of energy regen and/or leech, it is indeed a breeze. And all you gotta do is to know exactly what items, components and augments out of two dozen hundred to use in which slot and - simply - get them from the totally random rng environment as well as pick up the right devotions from a map the whole of which can be seen only on a quadruple screen.

I apologize for the cynicism. It is not directed at or against anyone. But see where I’m getting at? Less than 3% people who purchased GD know how to deal with its mechanics well enough to even beat Ultimate. In the light of this fact it is unrealistic to ask for buffing MC content.

I proposed adding a Veteran option for Ultimate once. It’s most likely not gonna happen. There are mods for that. And, most important, Shattered Realm. This is gonna be the GD big boy thing. I just hope it’s not gonna impose meta of overturning builds like for Ravager fights.

At the risk of coloring my nose an unflattering brown, I think the bosses in GD are right about where they should be; They’re generally beatable with some “oh shit” moments in there. Hell, people love to dump on Alkamos on these forums but even he’ll smash your face if you underestimate him.

How has this thread sprouted again into existence:eek:

These threads usually bug me because so many of the opinions voiced don’t take into account a new players experience. This is highly relevant considering sales are important.

So if, like the average new player would be, you are in greens with a random purple or two then there is challenge. The main campaign was clearly designed to be reasonably challenging for new players and not end game geared vets with 100s of hours play time. For the latter there are some super boss/Nemesis/gladiator crucible.