A Man & His Birb: A Hybrid Raven + Vitality Caster Cabalist [SR75-76, Video]

Have you ever wanted to run around Cairn with your bird? To put off the seemingly inevitable end of Cairn’s humanity and just sit back and watch your bird fly? Do you want to show your bird you’re worthy of being its owner and fight enemies instead of running a walking simulator?

I’ve done a Vitality Hybrid pets Cabalist before.
I’ve done a Lightning Hybrid with Raven before.
I figured I do birds some justice and run a Vitality Raven build.


In this build, we are dual-wielding Bargoll’s Core in order to have permanent Call of the Grave uptime while additionally having 200% Health Regeneration while Call of the Grave is up. Plus, the weapon gives you 15% Physical Resistance so by dual-wielding this weapon, this caster is running at permanent 80% Physical Resistance as long as you remember to keep Call of the Grave running.

Thanks to the Call of the Grave mods + Time Dilation, this build has 100% uptime on Call of the Grave, meaning all those juicy offensive and defensive bonuses are yours for good. For even more healing, I have Raven set to 16/16 Mend Flesh. I honestly wouldn’t even be able to tell you if or how it works, but I assume the Raven is doing its job and sending heals our way.

Bargoll’s Core also provides +1 projectile to our bird friend, so having it at 26/16 means it shoots 7 projectiles at once, making it perfect for a short-cooldown devotion like Twin Fangs. Since this is a hybrid pet build, the pet resistances are not fully capped and Elemental Resistance has been an issue with the bird, but as long as you avoid constant pools and shotguns, I’ve had little trouble keeping the Raven alive.

Yes, there are 5 MI’s + Ravager Helm, but I have it on good authority that all these special MI gifts come to you really easily as long as you feed your bird Ice Cream. :bird:

Outside of that, there’s nothing that stands out here from being a standard pet build. Get your pet resistances as high as you can get them, get Raven to 26/16, and focus on getting Reap Spirit to 26/16 so that you can kill enemies with your 2100% or so Vitality Damage (depending on what kind of rolls you get for your weapon) and spawn the Bonescavenger baddies that aggro things half a screen away.

Now enough talking, here’s video of the build working. I accidentally aggroed the whole room in SR76 and somehow came out of it without dying. Shows just what is possible when you stack up to 22K health and have a bird on your side healing you.

I hope I’ve made you proud, Maya. May the bonds you have with your birbs inseparable.


Lonely Birb :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I was sent this image and asked to post on someone else’s behalf