A Mother's Gift quest

So I’m in Normal and got that quest. Now I don’t know to whom should I give the pendant. Could someone help me plz?

Keep playing the game, you need to activate Dalias quest line in order to turn it in.

I do understand Crates choice to place FG access after GD’s act 1, but from the story side it leaves so many holes and confusion that I’ve decided to play the game in the chronological order only on my future builds.

The weird thing to me isn’t just that you can start the FG expansion before you ever meet Dalia. It’s also that, as I understand it, Dalia’s questline can only be done on the Ultimate difficulty while A Mother’s Gift can be started on any difficulty. So not only can you get stuck with an unfinishable quest which is the final part of a quest you haven’t done yet by starting the expansion too early, you can even get stuck with it for playing on the wrong difficulty.

Diala’s quest that is not part of the secret quest can be done on all difficulties.

Where, In act 6 she is in Mourndale, middle right. After you finish with her qusts there she will be in FG near one of the late riftgates, infernal wastes I think.

Ah ok, I’m glad I was wrong about that part.

Anyone know where she goes after you give her the gift? I thought she said something about going back to Homestead but I cant find her there. I’d like to do the secret clones quest but she is MIA.

Trying my best not to spoil anything, does Dravis even mention who may be another member of his family besides Urobrook (not even going to attempt to spell that correctly) when you meet him in FG?

Also trying not to spoil anything, your first clue on this comes from a lectern in a house near Homestead.

He talks about Daila.

Speaking of, I completed vanilla, did not enter AoM but completed FG. Where do I then find her to give her the gift ?

To get Daila in FG you need to do her Homestead quest and then her AoM quests.