A newbie need some help !

Hi guys, how are you ?

Sorry for my bad english, it’s not my native language.

I’m totally new in this and now, i need some advice to better, more performant !
I’m actually LvL 67 WitchHunter Acid/Poison and I just arrived at Fort Ikon in Elite (to situate my progression). So I have some questions because i just rush the history in Elite but i think I’m little bit weak.

I died a lot but i do big damage, but for example, I’m lvl 67 et Item lvl 43. I think it’s a biiig difference no ?

So I need some advice to up this item lvl ? Where can I some epic or legendary te bo more strong and more ?

I dindt unblock Bastion Of Chaos in Normal Veteran.

Thanks for the advice,
See ya !!

Another question, it is worth to unlock Bastion Of Chaos at lvl 67 in Normal Veteran ?

your level is fine for the end of elite though if you feel yourself to squishy it’s maybe because you lack some resist/hp ?

Concerning the legendaries, you can try to farm BoC/SoT/other farming spots on Elite before going in Ultimate
There are also empowered faction gear available at level 70, that can be useful to cover some gear slots

don’t hesitate to wear other green items with resists/hp too

For BoC in Veteran, it’s useless at your level, it scales only to level 60, iirc

Hi, thanks for the answer, yes i think i will end the game in elite and after that i will farm before to go higher ^^

There is a screen of my char and his stats ^^

yeah your elemental/piercing resist are very low, it will be ok for finishing elite but you will have a hard time in Ultimate

There are an augment for rings at the Rovers’ faction vendor that offer 12% elemental resist/180 hp, that will improve your survability and maybe you can replace some of your hp component with more resist

Hi, thanks for the advice, i just loot 2 Epic that up my elemental resist and i just finish the game in Elite at level 71.

I unlock Bastion Of Chaos in Elite so… I think i will just farm the Bastion Of Chaos and Steps of Tourment in Elite mode to loot some gear (maybe my final stuff, legendary ?) before to go in the higher difficulty.

What is the maximum level that bastion of choas will not be profitable anymore in Elite ?