A newbie's introduction

Hey everyone, been playing this game practically nonstop for the last week (much to the detriment of my school life heh) and decided to finally join the game’s forums. Gotta say, this game is frickin awesome! Never really got into ARPGs before (unless you count Runescape which I played a bit of) but this game has really dragged me in and I’m loving it!

I guess I would have one main complaint, and I’m sure it has been voiced before.

  1. A little more customization of our character’s face. I mean really…granted, we are probably going to be wearing helmets at some point, but in the mean time that male character is not the best looking guy out there.

Otherwise I love this game, though I’m not terribly good at builds (gee, I wonder if that armor looks cooler than the other…) But, I’m still learning and I look forward to getting more in depth in the game!

school life…i want my youth back :frowning:

Welcome to the forum ConnorSwift. :slight_smile: It may be on the devs wishlist to do, but will be way down the list I’m afraid.

I really don’t mind. It’s definitely something that doesn’t need to be done immediately. As long as it’s somewhat on their radar, I’m happy.

It’s been suggested before so they do know. Whether they decide it’s worth the time and cost to make such a comestic change I don’t know. I think they’ve said in the past they’d like to make them more customisable, but then the new Illusionist is part of that process too.

Hello ConnorSwift,

and welcome to the forum and grim dawn