[A Plea] Re Upcoming Totem system - add option to have multiple Nemesis spawn

Only if you get to Ultimate which most people rarely do.

which exact nemesis farming routes can average one kill every 15 minutes? (remember, sr pops them out every 10-12 seconds minutes up to three) Or even generously, 20 mins.

Even then, assuming an even distribution of 0 to 3, averaging 1.5, it’s anywhere between 8/15 (absolute best case) to 1/3 the speed of farming a nemesis MI from the SR. Cruc is twice as fast, so 4/15 to 1/6 the speed. That doesn’t take into account all the other MIs that either drop in crucible, sr chests, or campaign stomping (depends on the route too), and of course the rate of epics (lol) and legendaries.

Grava, Zantarin, Maiden, Fabius, Reaper, and to a lesser extent Moosilauke and Aleks. And even if it’s somewhat slower, you have the benefit of being a target farm. That’s something you don’t have with SR.

My impression is that these totems are for a little bit of spice and added value to MC target farming runs, and also helping new players a lot. It’s never going to compete with SR or cruci, so if the loot isn’t the greatest I’m not really fussed.


Where in the world are you getting the 3 MI figure from? This haul alone is from a 50-51 run, and it gives 8. In my experience, 65-66 gives even more than that. Also, good luck getting 2 of Benny or Valdaran’s shoulders in the time it takes you to do 2-3 SR runs.

might as well stop making all early campaign areas scale to level 100 then, since the idea behind them (to let players farm anywhere they want) is long been obsoleted. right?

And is that haul a typical one for SR 51-51? If so, then… you might want to nerf the other end of SR too!

Perhaps the 1-3 or 0-3 figure was from normal SR.

Jeez. It looks odd that on one hand people are all over preventing campaign from being a loot shower, but SR and crucible being the same kind of Legendaries per Minute loot showers on top of being Nemesis MIs between 1.2 to 2 Minutes is completely okay!

Thing is, campaign content is not just about Legendaries and Nemesis MIs.
There’s Legendary MI’s, components, rare materials, non-Nemesis MI target farming and celestials.
If you add the amount of legendaries and nemesis MIs you drop in SR/Cruci to that mix, it’ll just turn every zone into a giant loot pinata. As nice as that might be for some people, it lowers the longevity of the average persons playtime of the game.

Whats there to hunt for when you get loaded with loot in seconds?


From my experience farming SR 50+ or crucible 150+ for nemesis MI is better than farming them in the main campaign as you have a higher chance to roll rare affixes on them than in MC (at least from my xp, I might be wrong about this). The only exceptions being: Kaisan (amulet can’t drop in SR/crucible), Fabius, Zantarin, Iron Maiden and maybe the Reaper (all three/four are easy enough to find in MC).
All other nemesis feel more like a bonus to regular farm routes: Moussie to SoT, Kuba to Ugdenbloom or AG, Valdaran to PV, Ben’Jarr to BoC, Aleksander to Krieg set route, Grava’Thul for Lunal’Valgoth belts (?). None of these feel worth target farming.
A good change for the last mentioned nemesis would imo be to reduce the amount of spawns that are not within the above mentioned farming routes.

About Totems:
They are NOT supposed to be a real high endgame challenge (like SR or crucible), but rather an addition to leveling (reward for exploring) and to endgame MC farming (e.g. SoT runs). They are similar to nemesis right now in the sense that they are an additional bonus that you can roll whenever you do one of the above mentioned farming routes in MC and I think they are gonna fit nicely the way they are right now. Sure loot might seem a little underwhelming for people who already got all the blueprints, etc., but they will make a great addtion to all the people that have just reached endgame and are about to start farming for their blueprints. They are in that way on a similar level as treasure troves, roguelike dungeon boss troves and nemesis troves.

You have to keep in mind that farming in MC is way easier than SR 50+ or crucible 150+.


In what way besides needing more stats? Or do you mean keeping my camera orientes to look south? I agree it’s more taxing than most things in campaign.

Pretty much this. People seem to forget that Totems are meant to be just like the Desecrated Shrines but repeatable. Expect similar amounts of challenge and loot out of Totems.


I agree. Totems are there to reward exploration, and should be on scale with MC for both difficulty and reward. Rare chance for a Nemesis spawn at highest tier is cool, double spawn no, keep it for the relevant mode.

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MC difficulty has been a joke for a loong time and power creep makes it even worse nowadays (Ultimate that is).

Why not add an optional extra spicy difficulty spike here and there for those of us who would like that challenge?
If you dont want to trigger double nemesis spawn from totems - player should be able to opt out and just get the regular spawns.

Its a Win-Win.

It’s a joke for finished builds, which is the way it should be. It’s not when you’re leveling and trying to get gear before endgame challenges. Perfectly fine imo.

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I agree that should be some optional challenges here, as it wont affect MC difficulties. And more rifts to bosses pls, its a waste of time running from Broken hills to SoT gate etc…

Never gunna happen. You should know better than to even ask. I can already tell you what Zantai’s stock answer is going to be: Use GI or mod it yourself. Rifts direct to bosses will never happen officially.

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Opt-out systems from more “efficient” options towards easier options are very not good. You have players trying to take on the harder option and get frustrated failing, and players taking the easy option but feeling gimped. Ultimate player choice is gorgeous in theory but often a lot worse than focused design in practise. I could write an essay about why Dishonored fails as a game because of giving too much to the player at the cost of a well focused and tighter experience.

Besides, double nemesis is not a situation that is native to MC by any means and would feel very game-y and experience breaking in that setting. Both lorewise and difficulty wise.

‘all players’ is definitely a huge exaggeration…

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