[A Plea] Re Upcoming Totem system - add option to have multiple Nemesis spawn

Dear @Zantai

It can be either a rare random spawn on Ultimate or an extra difficulty tier for the totems which will spawn combos based on the Totem tier, like if it is Aether totem: Alex + Valdaran + bunch of Aether heroes;

Nemesis should be fully powered unlike the one in SR/Crucible as well.

I really miss that Uber challenge in MC and this can easily solve it - its entirely optional and avoidable hence HC players can opt not to do it.

If it’s a random spawn how are players supposed to avoid it except by skipping the totems completely? :woman_facepalming: So much for making loot hunting more fun.

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Just have the option to sacrifice a rare mat the same way you’d activate a shrine in SR. Someone not up to the challenge of multiple nems can just take the standard spawns.

unrelated, but it did feel a little underwhelming loot-wise with only a single epic dropped. (what were the blueprints? one mat and something else)

Nemesis could hopefully alleviate this issue, but then again nemesis bosses have much of their loot come from their troves…

If there were multiple nemesis, they would be more of the same except for chthonic/aether shrines, which can pair up Aleks with Valdaraan, and Grava with Banjo (I suspect you like that pairing a lot)

As said there are different tiers for the totems so I guess the randomness of drops will also vary.

To me this just sounds like a lazy way to find Nemesis spawns. And having the option to use a mat just makes them too much like shrines.

Zantai seemed to pop the ancient onee, which from the naming and layout seemed like the top tier.

multiple blueprints look good, but without the way to roll an item instead when they fail to reroll into an unknown blueprint, it is going to be a little underwhelming.

As for nemesis hunting, it hasnt been a thing since before crucible.

You can always do Reaper/Kuba (beasts, more or less), IM and Fabius (bootleg blademaster combo) and Moose/Zantarin (undead).

Lazy nemesis farming is just SR. Currently, the sole advantage of playing MC regarding nemesis drops is getting Kaisan’s amulets. Everything else comes in more bulk and much faster doing SR, even at low shards.

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Yeah, it feels incredibly hypocritical to single out MC players for wanting to do something other than walking past everything for 15-20mins to half an hour at times hunting for nemeses, for a chance to get the right MI once, but be completely fine with cruci players geting showered with multiple nemesis MIs every five minutes, and SR players with also multiple MIs every ten.

all the while blueprints and legendaries also shower on them cooupled with the ability to reset sr/crucible in-session and abuse the item reroll system, something out of reach for campaign players.


Quite confident that if you read in full my suggestion you would have noticed: “or add extra difficulty tier” - that or as a below suggestion when clicking on the totem you can either “activate” it with the regular spawns based on its tier or expend a resource to trigger super nemesis combo spawn.

Lots more choice and actually would provide some nice Nemesis farming + extra challenge scenarios to MC.

Nobody does “nemesis farming” in MC except Kaisan since Cruci got released. And even for those few who didnt have Cruci - with SR you get a ton of Nemesis MIs with inbuild unlimited re-roll changes for Legendaries.

Totems have amazing potential and it would be real shame all that work to not be fully utilised.

Might as well make corrupted shrines work the same then.

Why have endgame for these at all? Most people don’t even reach Nemesis status with the factions. As far as I know these aren’t designed to be particularly challenging in the first place, more to encourage people to explore Cairn and get some nice loot when they do so. Totally different to seeking out Nemesis for their treasure troves.

If you want more challenge then play the game using only green items, or yellow or even white or go classless.

Shrines are one off - reaons why Crate introduces Totems?

On your endgame point - rationale was stated above and most of all such a change would require minimum dev time investment for massive benefit for all players - why not?

What Nemeses MIs you get from SR is completely random (it’s not the ones you killed because i have gotten MIs from Nemeses that didn’t showed up) and you only get one copy.

Honestly, SR is garbage to farm Nemeses MIs, and i have gotten much better rolled MIs from MC Nemeses than SR Nemeses. Because you can actually target which ones you want.

Lets make the loot hunt easier, why not just hand everyone everything they want, that will surely keep people playing when they have everything. /s

Sarcasm aside, a little RNG boost to loot when doing material, MI and nemesis farm runs is very welcome, but there is absolutely no reason to add nemesis bosses or a ridiculous amount of loot to the new totems. Its just going to turn the game stale like D3 where you just get showered with loot constantly.

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Suggest watching the stream again at 49 minutes in where Zantai talks about the totems. Different tiers, different challenges, different loot drops.

I actually opened the threat immediately after i watched the stream - Z opened an “ancient” totem which seems to be (visually) the highest tier and wasnt impressed by what spawned.

@Norzan - indeed SR MIs are random however you get showerd with them every 10-12 min. And i have got a tons of double rare Nemesis MIs from SR without spending my lifetime doing it. Its just super efficient and there is nothing wrong with that since that is the ultimate end game farm spot. But MC can use a less efficient but still not terribly less efficient way to farm Nemesis stuff imo.

The efficiency rates SR vs MC Nemesis farm is 100:10 if not 100:5 ratio - why not give a small bump to that for MC sake.

You don’t really get showered by Nemeses MIs in SR because at best it drops like three. And again, they are completely random, so if you want a specific one it’s even more RNG on top.

Last time i checked SR is MC. Don’t know why people are separating them.

Because you don’t have to play SR at all if you don’t want to in the main campaign. I don’t consider it part of the main campaign at all.

SR is no different than rogue dungeons. Sure, you can skip it, but it’s still content inside of the main campaign.

Yes, but there are quests in the game that take you to rogues, even if most of them don’t go into the rogue part itself. There’s no reason to go into SR unless you want to or are desperate to grab the shrine in there.

There are several quests in SR and you get three skill points and one attribute point in Ultimate from them. Those are plenty of reasons to go there.

I’d say it’s actually mandatory to go there if you want all skill points and attribute points, unlike Anasteria quests and Mog quest that just gives a random item or blueprint. So i don’t get why people keep separating SR as it was own separate thing that exists outside of the main campaign like Crucible.