A pure trauma commando?

That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. The problem is: my DPS is not exactly what I has hoping it would be now that I got into ultimate. I used Blade Arc as my LMB and Forcewave as RMB until now. Then I tried Cadence as LMB and blergh. I can’t find the problem. :cry:

Here’s my skills with + and devotion: http://grimcalc.com/build/1007-cgQPni

Here are my equipments.

Here are the damage related stuff

I’m using, besides my LMB and RMB, Oleron’s Might (from Oleron’s Blood in the Warborn Gavel, Ground Smash from the boots and eventually the granted skill from Myrmidon set).

(I know a pure trauma build is not the most trivial thing ever but try to avoid comments like “dis won work bcuz trauma sukks”. I’m no trying to achieve ULTIMATE DPS, just a viable character)

Just a thought but speccing War Cry may be helpful… And Rending Force.

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You might check this build out for some information/inspiration…


well dont have time to put so much info atm but

1* you have terrible OA which is not gonna work on your lvl…

2* you dont have temper on trauma based char…

3* you need diff weapon for trauma dmg… which needs flat trauma aswell
like maces drops from aetherial bro’s mutant arm or someshit dont remember, or weapon with flat trauma

4* you dont have olerons wrath flat phys %100 physical dmg side, his open hand which is no no, just grab it :smiley:

5* try to get shield maiden on devotion which has flat trauma and gonna be really valuable constellation in patch 1.08

6* trauma is physical dmg over time effect, you need some resist reduction on physical side… get min 12 pts on break morale…

7* again get assasins markass blade on devotion for -phys resist…

lastly, best trauma char can be made as 2 hander imo, with forcewave + blitz blindside combo, on the hand 1.08 deadly momentum gonna get flat trauma dmg so lets see.

hope these info helps start to make things tweak abit better.

Trauma builds need to be very very careful around reflect mobs.

Thank you for taking your time!

1 - About my OA, when Fighting Spirit, the proc from my pants and gloves are active, I get 2100-2200 OA I think. I don’t know if having this much OA only half of the time is acceptable or it’s better to have it constantly.

2 - I thought about taking Temper but is it worth it? The +% trauma is even lower than the +% pierce and physical.

3 - I was looking for some good double rare mutant bludgeon but I can’t find it. :frowning:

The rest, I will fix it. Thanks!

It’s not terrible OA, it’s good enough. None of my level 85 builds exceeds 2300 OA…

Now for the original post: I think sheet dps is a bad indicator because you certainly have plenty of internal trauma sources from gear and devotion, so don’t worry too much about it. As long as it feels right when you play, that’s cool.

Yeah, I know it’s a bad indicator but it takes a loot to take some bosses down and I don’t know why since I have 74592739042 sources of trauma.

While writing this, I just noticed that maybe the problem is only with rr because I really have a lot of ‘flat’ trauma here and there. Will get Assassin’s Mark and Break Morale, which will give me -83% phys res with my relic (reckoning)


Since there’s few sources of physical damage resist, you can easily end up wreaked by your own forcewave etc attacks. Royal pain in the rear if you haven’t taken certain devotions.