A question about a text correction mod (not work)

Hello, I am correcting some texts of the Spanish language, some grammatical errors that I have been seeing, the doubt comes in that I do not know how to make it work, I explain.

I put the language Spanish, I give to download, I select it and it is already in Spanish, what I do is “unzip” the zip file called “community_spanish.zip”, correct the texts, and then I compress the file again in .zip with the same name.

When I enter the game I get a warning that there is a problem with the localization, so I have to re-download my language, but it returns to use the default translation.

I have tried to change “spanish” in the “language.def” file for a different name, to see if the name of my text correction would appear directly, but that doesn’t work either, any help on how it works?


Usually algorithm you use works.
Be sure, you pack zip with correct hierarchy: all initial files/folders must be in root of archive not in subfolder.
Be sure, you pack new archive, not replace files in existed one.
And be sure you use same text encoding as initial one.

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“subfolder” (I’m punching myself in the face several times right now), now I’ll edit to comment if it worked, but “that”, is going to be the problem :laughing:

Edit: Indeed, as you said, my mistake was that I compressed the translation in a subfolder, the original translation is a .zip with the files inside, mine was the files in a subfolder and then the compressed folder, so it was not detected.

Everything solved, thank you very much!