A question about Turtle Shell.

Does it absorb damage before or after resistances and/or % damage absorbtion?

Flat damage absorbtion is supposed to work last, after all source of damage reduction has done his job.
That is the case for inquisitor seal or blast shield.

It will negate an equivalent of HP loss, working like a delayed heal

Turtle flat damage absorption is not the same as Blast Shield and Inquisitor Shield flat damage absorption, it actually depletes the more you get hit unlike Blast Shield which makes you take less damage from every hit by that amount.

I recall that Turtle damage absorption happens early in damage mitigation, main reason why some people say it’s crap (myself included).

I think flat damage absorption always happena last, right before health being hit.

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Still happens last.

Flat Damage Absorption is always last. If it’s assigned to a skill with a duration, it will absorb per-hit. If the skill has no duration, it will absorb until it runs out.

Ah, guess whatever post i read from was wrong.

turtle shell still suck balls

It’s OK nowadays because it scales much better from 20-25. Before one hit in Ultimate would just delete it. Now it can maybe protect you from 2!

…decide for yourself whether that’s worth it.

Any chance there would be a better replacement for Turtle Shell? I’m currently using it for my conjurer build, but preventing only two hits in ultimate sounds like a waste.

What was the old max value? 2800? It’s now 4200, which doesn’t look too bad. Eh, still not worth it in my opinion.

I usually take Panther instead, same completion bonus, one less point required and has good stats (who doesn’t love more crit dmg after all).

Stag could also be decent if your build is physical or bleed.

Well if you play hardcore it’s nice as a second chance, if it procs, you GTFO

Turtle Shell on a Deceiver feels decent so far. It’s a circuit breaker I don’t have to click so I’ll take it.

Every node on Turtle increases flat DA, so Turtle and its proc are good if you already have high DA and other mitigation (% less damage from races, high armor and 100% absorption, etc.). If you’re a caster and don’t have a lot of other sources for mitigation, it’s not going to help you much.