A question on Total Damage and Damage vs Race

If I have +10% total damage globally, and also have +20% damage versus aetherials, for example, is it multiplicative?

So if I was dealing 100 damage, would it become: 100 * 1.2 * 1.1 = 132 damage versus Aetherials?

yes, total damage is multiplicative even with itself (in contrast to what Grim Tools says)

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So for example… if I had two people in a team… One of them has the 2h hammer with +10% total damage to Fire Strike on it, also using the +20% total damage fire strike modifier for 2h weapons… and the other person brought the Black Scorch Covenant set with Ritual Circle for +18% total damage…

It’d be 1.1 * 1.2 * 1.18 = 1.55% damage ?

Wait, does that also mean that racial damage stacks multiplicatively as well ??

Yes I think that’s how it would work. Although I haven’t tested this case in particular I made multiple other ones and it was always multiplicative

I don’t think so, Total damage seems to be unique in this regard but has anyone ever tested it? Probably not

I was getting very excited at the thought of this build idea …

Additive, it’s 1.6 * damage vs Aetherials. Multiplicative, it’s like 5.38 * damage vs Aetherials… :o

It might also just take ‘the highest one’ though, I’m not sure.

But I feel like either way, it’d be multiplicative with total damage… :o

Pretty sure in one of GD streams Zantai said racial damage stacks additively. So 10% to humans + 10% to aetherials = 20% damage to that bastard Aleksander. Finding this moment would be a pain though…

edit: oh, and congrats on beating SR by the way! Glad I was able to contribute at least 0,00000001% to the cause XD

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Ehehe, ty XandeRoot! <3

Tbh, so many people contributed to that win over the years… it really did take the accumulated knowledge of anyone who’s ever helped the team or I with theorycrafting over the years to get us over the finish line…

It was long time, ago, but as i remember my tests, different racial damage multiplicative, but it is not accurate.
I can test it again at end of week…

Actually thinking back, I’m pretty sure it’s additive… I remember trialling a bleeding build with a tonne of extra damage vs humans, and I think it was clearly additive and not multiplicative. But it might be mulitplicative when coming racial types like XandeRoot mentioned above (10% vs aetherial + 10% vs human)

that’s exactly what I’m talking about