A Saboteur?

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My latest retaliation warlord just died recently in SR, so I’ve made another character and decided to pick a saboteur, a Nex & Ortus variant. I’m currently just starting in veteran, but want your opinion. I still remember how a saboteur was actually considered a very strong combo back in the early days of the game (before expansions and level cap increase). I still remember how people used to kill Avatar of Mogdrogen on ultimate with a saboteur. And last but not least, this combo was always very intriguing to me for whatever reason that I cannot fully comprehend, I guess I just like the name of the class + Nex & Ortus weapons. It just looks cool, even though there are probably a ton of better and more powerful builds around as of lately.

What I want from you is probably some ideas of the build, I think that I will be aiming more toward pure fire damage rather than going hybrid fire/cold/elemental. There will certainly be some mix here because making a pure fire saboteur is probably pretty much impossible. But I still plan going in this order fire>cold>lightning with lighting perhaps being only a small fraction from equipment and whatnot.

Skillwise it is not very hard to get an idea how the build will function. The usual mix of pick a damage, get the appropriate pasive skills for sustain, DA/OA shred, RR and whatnot.

About devotion, I probably plan to pick meteor shower as a lvl 3 constellation with some sustain (heal abilities), ghoul for a circuit breaker, some more fire RR and so on.

I should also look for some extra phys res, slow res and reflected dmg reduction as I will be playing high damaging melee character without much dmg absorption or block chance.

But what about gearing, apart from Nex and Ortus set I really don’t have an idea what are the best options here.

Botton line, can anyone point me in the direction of the most recent Nex & Ortus Saboteur build? :slight_smile:

Not bleeding-edge in terms of updates, but viability shouldn’t be that far off.

Saboteur Builds

Hope it helps.

Take a look at this one mate

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-Why the class is called Saboteur?
-Cause it sabotages your chances of success!

Dad jokes aside, it’s pretty decent class if you go for cold dual wield melee. Fire is also possible but that’s with Ember set. Nex and Ortus works better for cold. There are few end game builds, for leveling you can check my guide.

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Hmmm interesting, I’ll have to figure out which way I want to go but thanks for the tips everyone

If later on you’re in the mood for something different, I made a full fire conversion Yugol Sabo. It does require some hefty MI farming, but if done right it can be quite tanky for a dual wielder.

[] Rogue Whirlwind: Voracious Reach Fire Saboteur [SR80+] - Grim Dawn / Classes, Skills and Builds - Crate Entertainment Forum

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Dayum that builds looks very interesting indeed, might actually try it out. The only downside as you’ve stated already is a large dependence on super rare MI’s. But thanks for the idea anyway. Devotions looks a bit scattered here and there, I understand why you did like you did however there are soime pretty juicy nodes left unpicked. Hmm but yea, it looks great and different!

Just a little tip, if you really focus on fire dmg Night’s chill is quite useless :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really, without Night’s Chill point the aura does not deal Fire damage. Not much, but still.

yes it does, because it has a 120 fire dmg mod from items :grin:


Yeah, those axes, I realised the mistake later… I used only Ember’s set and its conversion for VoS was useless without Night’s Chill (like, why is it even here? Set with PB modifier already converts all Cold Damage).

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