[] Rogue Whirlwind: Voracious Reach Fire Saboteur [SR80+]

Formerly Vannix the Rogue, now a thrall of the endless void

This is a Yugol spinner which takes advantage of the synergy between the Ember’s Calling set and other items to convert several damage types to fire, as well as turn Veil of Shadow into a strong fire resist debuff aura.

This is intended as just a showcase, since there’s multiple hard-to-farm M.I.'s in the build and Ember’s set is not craftable, however I’m including a less gear intensive option as well which can reliably run the SR 65 range.

Idle stats with passive auras and Pneumatic Burst up

:fire: :tornado: :fire: GrimTools :fire: :tornado: :fire:

Build Explanation
  • Ember’s Calling set and Vilgazor’s Heart amulet provide 100% cold & acid conversion to fire.
  • Dual Moltenclaw Slicers synergize well, providing pierce conversion for Dual Blades’ flat damage + flat fire damage & -RR% buffs to Veil of Shadow

Combined with other gear and devotions, the build gets 1k+ passive health regen, solid life leech and several defensive layers for protection. Fire RR is well over 130% with all procs and debuffs.

Plenty of skill points to throw around with VR as the main attack. Choices are pretty self-explanatory. After trying a few different things, I went with Canister Bomb as the proc for Eldritch Fire. The in-game assignment says it’s a 63% chance, but in practice it’s closer to 100% thanks to the shrapnel effects. I dropped Flashbang because I felt like the build runs fine in the 75-76 range without a source of big DA shred.

Devotion map is fairly standard fire route with some variation to squeeze more phys res out.

Alternate setup

:tornado: :tornado: GrimTools :tornado: :tornado:

I tested something close to this with less rare prefixes/suffixes but still able to clear SR65 reliably, as long as resists can be worked out depending on amulet & leg rolls. Dual “Searing of Alacrity” Moltenclaws can work fine until better ones come along and they drop frequently.

The Judicator ring set is a good fit too. Damage reduction and flat RR is covered, meaning that Elemental Storm can be dropped from devotions. With those 3 points, Meteor Shower can be picked up for some extra offensive flair or put them elsewhere for defense.


SR 75-76 (one death at the end but still kept the timer)

SR 80 run (deathless)

Lastly, a quick shoutout to everyone here who’s made a Yugol build thread because I probably referenced it at some point for ideas, so thanks. :wave:


Does the build feels fine without Ghoul?
Do you use Canister Bomb for damage or for devotion proccing?
At first glance it seems better to bind Eldritch Fire to Voracious Reach and Phoenix Fire to medal Augment - also why Violent Delights? Instead of Blazing Ends or Amatok Breath?

It does fine without Ghoul. Between regen and existing leech, there’s enough sustain. Also Pneumatic is on short cooldown for an extra heal. If you watch the videos, I’m rarely in any real trouble. Reaper got one over on me at the end of the 75 run but that was my mistake.

VR on Phoenix has the most consistent uptime. Binding it to medal skill is generally fine for shards when you have multiple enemies to charge through, but becomes problematic in boss rooms when you need that damage absorb the most. Canister Bomb is just there as a proc. BWC works fine too.

As for the augment, I don’t have a good reason other than aesthetic. The freeze proc of Amatok just felt weird with the fire theme, but objectively it is better since the damage is converted.

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Wow very different build! Can you do this without blade spirit? It adds a lot of blue effects instead of the full fire look.

Yeah, unfortunately blade spirits won’t change color unless you are use a conduit, which would break one of the damage conversions here.

You could drop them but then you have to use something else as a devotion proc, and it’s better to keep clicks to a minimum on a spinner.

A workaround for those who want Fire looking Blade Spirits in this build:
  • unpack database.zip (9.9 KB)

  • put database.arz in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\mods

  • make a shortcut to Grim Dawn .exe you’re using (Grim Dawn.exe, x64/Grim Dawn exe, Grim Internals.exe)

  • add /basemods in properties/target/shortcut of this shortcut so that the target entry looks like this for example

    • "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\x64\Grim Dawn.exe" /basemods
  • run the game from the shortcut