A shapeshifter?

Hello all

I was just wondering, as I have a tendency to gravitate toward such characters, whether GD could accommodate a shapeshifting mastery?

The obvious parallel would be to D2’s Druid that had the werewolf and werebear forms with options to give them both poison and fire damage buffs.
However with GD’s setting (I might show my so far limited game experience here so apologies!) another example to suggest might be Warhammer’s Chaos mutations. I recall Warhammer online had the Marauder class whose arm could mutate into a claw, bone spike or club. With the odd abominations in GD perhaps this might be a likely contender?

Perhaps such a character might mix with physical, bleed or poison skilled masteries. Perhaps the melee strike could incorporate a non fire chaos component if possible.

I understand introduction of masteries would be a long process of conception, design and balancing and a shapeshifter might be such a deviation from the existing models as to make it a large undertaking. Even so, Shapeshifters man!

Thank you for your attention!

I myself am waiting on the Modding Tools then once i know what i can work with see on doing such a class, We will see. I had hopes of Shaman being enable to Shapeshift but was it let down for me =/

Its not possible with the engine, pretty sure the mod tools won’t allow it. What is allowed - variants of whatever skills exist.

Technically it is swapping one player model to another. And we already have a walking dead transforming to something, forgot how it called… That half-body thing with a tentacle.

It’s completely different. In fact, the model swapping monsters actually become entirely different creatures with their own skill trees. Technicalities don’t matter, I’m telling you facts as someone who has been modding Titan quest for years. The way the engine works, there is no way for a player to change forms.

TFW can’t RP as a non-binary gender-fluid gragonkin.
But jokes aside, shapeshfting sucks. You will basically need an entirely new set of animations just for one gimmick, which isn’t even guaranteed to work. D2 Druid is a prime example.

Sacred 1 also had good transforms if you are interested in giving an old graphics game a spin if it is on sale. They had a Vampire character that spends some time as a knight and some time transformed as a vampire. They also in the underworld expansion have a demon that has a number of options (5?) of things to transform into. Sacred 2 has a transform Dragon Mage class but it is poorly designed and that skill tree (transforms) only viable to silver difficulty.

Player model swap for the wolf looking things and anims they already have. Not changing what they are, just how they look. Simple mesh/texture swaps are easy. There are skills that pretty much do everything already

OK, do it then when the mod tools are out. Let me know how that works for you. Since its so easy, it should be do able in a mod right? I mean as you said, its easy and everything already exists.

Go over to the Titan Quest forum and you will see what Asylum is saying is true.
Him and other modders have tried and explained many times why it’s impossible.

Grim Dawn uses the exact same engine.

The only reason why monsters can “shapeshift” is because it kills of the original monster and summons a completely new one on death which is impossible to do with the player.

When it comes to the player model you can only permanently change it there is no way to temporarily change it.
However you may be able to create a skin and then create a skill that summons a vendor or something that sells the skin change item to simulate shapeshifting as was done with the TQ skins mod.

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