A simple question about Oathkeeper and his spin :)

Hello i m french so sorry for my english.

My question is simple.

What upgrade the damage of the spin spell exept physical damage and fire damage.
I would like to know if the speed atack could upgrade the spin spell damage with reduct the time between itch hit for exemple ?


There’s chaos:

Elemental (mostly Lightning):




Fire (Making it a pure fire skill by removing the physical part):


There are other items that do the same as these (some shields, amulets etc). Please note that the items I’ve shown convert specific portions of the skill’s default damage types (either physical or fire) to the respective type. If you’re going for a pure damage type, you may want two items that convert both types into the one type you want.

Attack speed/Total speed would indeed increase the damage the skill does!

Edit: I see you’re asking what increases the damage this skill does, not what types of damage there are for the skill… This skill works like any other skill in the game in terms of damage mechanics. Offensive Ability increases hit chance and crit chance/damage, attack/total speed increases the attack speed of this skill (almost unique to this skill actually), reducing enemy resists with the 3 anti-resist versions works for this skill, any item/devotion that proc abilities on attack/crit will work, and depending on what damage type you’re going for (as I linked with the pictures), there’s way, way too many abilities and skills that can have an effect on EoR’s damage, depending on the type you’re going for.

I would add: you may find it useful to consider the augment of the Black Legion for 15% resist reduction. My Warlord does not have other sources of this debuff.

Warborn set has significant bonuses to EoR.

Thx for your awnser !

I ask toi that cause i play a lvl 60 spin 2h Oathkeeper onli ( i hesitate between shaman and soldier at the moment for the second class ) and i would like to know if the full kraken devotion could be good and i think yes now (i took onli the 3 point + 50% damage but i Will take all )

Just To know, for a 2h speed farm spin build what second class you could take if you were at my place ?

This is exactly what I’m trying to figure out now, and I think my answer would be shaman (Going to make that decision in an hour after my breakfast). While no EoR build has a set that works with a 2h weapon, the cyclone helmet or even two pieces still give a great bonus.

Shaman also synergises very well in terms of the Dust Devils, which is great to have near you while you’re whirlwinding down something tough. They shred resistances. And on top of that, converting the physical portion of EoR to Lightning with the cyclone mask means that the Dust Devils will also help EoR get through lightning resists.

I am quite confident it’d be a great build but haven’t had the time to put it to the test yet.

Edit: Soulfire (The EoR “passive”) also has a lightning portion so buffing up lightning damage and reducing enemy lightning resists also work really well with that.