A Sincere request.

Hi developers, I bought the game once at the discount period and I refund it due to I will feel dizzy after playing due to unlockable camera. Can the camera have some options which make it move by moving the mouse over or using the arrow key? I’m a arpg fans and wanna enjoy grim dawn but sadly can’t at the moment. :cry::cry: If this is happening I will buy the at full price agn!:smiley:

Actually not ingame but if i remember right there is an option to lock the camera in options / general settings ?

Lock map rotation doesn’t do anything about the camera, I think. Obviously one can unbind all controls of camera rotation, but I wonder if lovelyspring wants to control the camera themselves (not having it locked on the character)?

Also you can turn off screen shake if you get dizzy easily.

what are you talking about, the camera rotation ?

It never rotates without you doing so yourself…

Unless you do something with it, the camera is completely fixed. Always was though, so no idea how you managed to rotate and zoom yourself into dizziness without noticing that it is your doing

You could possibly be hitting the mouse wheel to zoom in by accident
As randomspawn said just unbind all the rotation and zoom buttons

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Actually my meaning is I hope that camera won’t move while character is moving. For example,while I click on mob and want to fight and if click the mob in diff range the camera will move repeatly in short amount of time and that will cause dizzy…

Yes thats my meaning!

Unfortunately, this is not possible without a maphack. People usually do such mods, but the game itself does not offer such a feature.

I see…Thank you for the info and now struggling whether want to buy it again and endure the dizziness or just give up…I finished almost all arpg on steam and also diablo 3 and actually eager for this one T.T