A slight farming incentive?

Some items can only be obtained from specific enemies, with a very low chance. I’m currently trying to complete the Morgoneth set ; I only need the helmet now (4,8% chance to drop). I suppose I’ll eventually get it, but I’ve tried dozens of time already. It’s a little discouraging, because none of my tries improve my odds. I can try 100 times and not be any closer to my goal. I also want the Nightbringer, but that’s 2,5% chance to drop… Not holding my breath, obviously.

What I’m suggesting is the following.

For monster-specific items, each time the enemy is defeated,

  • either the item doesn’t drop, and then the chance for it to drop the next time is increased by 1% (flat, not 1% of base drop rate !),
  • or it does drop and its drop chance resets to its base value.

That’d still require lots of tries to get an item one really wants, but it would be less impossible.

For instance, with the Nightbringer, 2,5% to drop, if that chance were increased by 1% each time, the chance to get at least one would be :

  • with 2 tries : 5,91%
  • with 5 tries : 20,61%
  • with 10 tries : 51,83%
  • with 15 tries : 78,01%
  • with 20 tries : 92,57%
  • with 30 tries : 99,7%
    It doesn’t seem too generous. But even if that made things too easy, let’s run the numbers with a 0.5% increase in drop rate :
  • with 2 tries : 5,4%
  • with 5 tries : 16,3%
  • with 10 tries : 38,6%
  • with 15 tries : 60,6%
  • with 20 tries : 78,0%
  • with 30 tries : 95,5%

Well, I hope I made my point. I’m willing to do the farming, but I really would feel better about it if every try increased my chance, if ever so slightly, to obtain the best prizes. Isn’t running the same dungeon 10, 15 times commitment enough ?


if crate apply such farming mechanics, then that means they also have to decide which items will get increased drop chance from specific enemies scaled to how many times player had defeated those enemies across many game sessions (both single player & multi player).

I don’t like rigged (stateful) randomness. It would be like 100 % drop rate with extra steps.

@Res : to get 100% drop rate, you’d need to go fight Morgoneth (or Alkamos, or Gargabol, or whichever) almost 100 times. Seriously, that’s a problem?

And that would only help you get one of their rare drops, not 100% Corruption of Gargabol forever, since the increased drop chance would reset after the first drop. Say you want to wield twin Gargabols on an Apostate, you’d still have to fight him tens of times - twice. Not an easy deal.

And even so, you could cap the drop rate at, say, four times the base rate or the base rate +20% (flat), whichever is lower. That wouldn’t get anywhere near 100%, but it would make the grind more bearable.

All I’m saying is, so far, if you run the Tomb of the Heretic 5 times and get nothing for your trouble (no Seal nor Ring of the Magi, no Morgoneth ring, Nightbringer or Visage, none of the rarest drops), then you really have nothing to show for it. What extra loot you get, you could’ve got elsewhere. You’re no closer to getting the good stuff you targeted.

On the other hand, if every run increased, even slightly, your chances to finally get the rare item you need to finish a build, it would feel much more useful to try and try again. Perseverance, not dumb luck, would matter more.

it already is 100% drop rate, it just takes longer…

This is kind of a cool idea. But would this apply to droprate of all items or just specific ones? MIs? Target farmable legendaries like Dark One’s set? Magi rings?

Or just Morgo’s set?

Im interested to hear how you envision this affecting other items.

If you know you’ll get a guaranteed drop on every 30th run, the excitement of finding an item is completely gone. You might as well cut to the chase and GDstash it.

Morgo set to farm is quite alright I think. To me what’s much more of a problem:
You need a soldier mi belt? Go down to gloomwald and you have your inventory full with them after 15 minutes. You need a proper Lagoth Ak belt? Well sry, your screwed.

You’re right, if you insist long enough, you will get any farmable item.

Here are some numbers.
Chance to get at least one Nightbringer :

  • with 2 tries : 4,9%
  • with 5 tries : 11,9%
  • with 10 tries : 22,4%
  • with 15 tries : 31,6%
  • with 20 tries : 39,7%
  • with 30 tries : 53,2%
    Sure it does tend towards 100%, but very, very slowly. Agonizingly slowly.

That’s precisely my point, and the reason I started this thread : I don’t want to GDstash anything, I want to earn the cool stuff. But it’s just unrealistic as is. Hence my idea. It preserves the “earn it” feeling, you’d still need lotsa runs, but at least you’d progress towards your goal.

Regarding the Morgo set, the chance to get at least a helmet (4,8% drop) in 20 tries is 61,7%.

BUT. If you don’t get one in your first 20 tries, your chance to get one in the next 20 tries is still 61,7%. No progress there. And it can last a really long time.

Frankly, that’s a LOT of farming.

I was thinking of the farmable epic and legendary items. The MIs don’t have extremely low drop rates, the issue with those is the affixes you get, not the chance to get them in the first place.

Apply your rules to a lottery and see if people are still thrilled when they become millionnaires.
You say it’s all mostly because you’re assembling Morgoneth set. I don’t think you would treasure this set much if it was easy to get.
I’m sorry, but to me you don’t want to break the rules by GDStashing, so you want Crate to bend them for everybody to keep your conscience clear.
I like clear mechanics. It’s easy to understand that some ring drops 2 % of the time. Doesn’t matter what I was doing last session - chances are still the same. Simple.


and yet your chance to get one or more in 40 runs is about 86% :wink:

Also, can’t you convert the set pieces to get the helmet (not sure if this set is excluded) ? So even if you do not get the helmet but get 3 chest pieces instead, you still can turn them into the helmet

Nope, the helmet isn’t transmutable. Nor are most farmable items (the Vanquisher set, Krieg’s, Dark One…). Which is logical : set pieces are obtained from different enemies, and the farming can’t target just the easiest enemy, the least difficult to reach, or there would be no “treasure hunt” at all.

You need to dive in four different rogue-like dungeons to get the Vanquisher, you can’t skip this requirement by transmutation. And, for the record, I own a full Vanquisher set.

I just dropped a Morgoneth helmet, my second Prime Morgoneth ring, and the Nightbringer in short order. Which means I can try out my full-Morgoneth Trickster (EVERY piece of Morgoneth gear). Plus the Morgoneth illusions.

Didn’t count my number of tries, it was definitely over 20.

Well… that’s that for me, I guess.

For nerds. I tried to think what the average number of runs to get those 3 items (when you have at least one of each).

Didn’t figure it by myself (it’s not that hard but you need to know some tricks), found some clues on the internet
and the answer is 48.6992 - the final formula on Wolfram Alpha

20 is very lucky then.

Such formula is when drops are independent of each other.
When drops are exclusive (only one can drop at a time) as it is in case of Lokarr the formula is as follows

I said over 20. But, way over 20, I think. I just didn’t count.

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