"A Strange Key" drop rate

Am I so lucky, is the drop rate increased or bugged? Every run I get at least 3 key drops from Chthons before the Salazar gate. I posted a screenshot of the key drop in the fortune drop thread (forgot the actual name of this thread), where I got 4 or 5 keys one after another. Since then, there’s no way I don’t get the key at all. Before I posted this screenshot there, I practically didn’t had a chance of getting this item.

I am just confused, so I made this thread in order to know if I am a lucky motherfucker or it is just bugged.

Lucky motherfker confirmed…

I think in recent playthroughs it took me three attempts in average to get the key. So, being out of luck five or six times in a row is a though luck, but no bug.

There are also cultists near the foggy bank rift and in a house down the road towards Milton Hart.

Well once I did end up having two dropped in the area before the door, used one to unlock and stored one for further use.
Don’t really know if it’s a bug like getting several Manticore Venom Glands or pieces to fix Covens wards.

For capl days i dont get any key