A tactitian help please

So yeah cleared up to ultimate base game and the rogue dungeons up to ultimate . Can clear SoT relativly quick but I tried to go AoM campaign and I’m literally dying in seconds to even the freakin plants. If anyone can offer me some advice I’ll greatly appreciate it. I am not much of a theorycrafter and planner though I try to get decent resistances OA DA etc. Thanks in advance and here’s my grimcalc - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVl3oG52 everything is self found and I prefer it this way.

Hi, I think the main problem of your build is low HP combined with miserable sustain.

Fortunately, tactician is an easy class to rectify the first problem. You can reallocate skill points from Fighting Form, Counter Strike, Veterancy and Decorated Soldier to Military Conditioning and Vigor. That should give you enough hp for the AoM content.

Sustain is also not that hard to rectify. You have somewhat decent HP regen and on-command heal from WoR, but that will not be enough. You need life steal. You can get it from both gear and devotions. I don’t know what u have in terms of gear, therefore I can give u advice on devotions. You should take points from Empirion and maybe also Ishtak and Rhowari’s scepter and put those points into ghoul/toad/ revenant (at least two of them imo). Empirion does not give u much, dmg reduction does not stack with War Cry. Ishtak is great but those 3 points are not that necessary. I think Rhowari’s scepter is horrible devotion in term of its costs and benefits(by benefits I mean actual stats, not its constellation affinities) and you will definitely benefit more from those providing you with life steal.

hey thanks for the advice as a continuation is this better or at least in the proper direction https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2g0BKOV