Abandoned pet mod into a DLC please

I love summon/pet game play and it seem’s many other’s do as well.
This mod has been abandoned but looks amazing, any chance the dev’s could/would refine it and make it a DLC?
Pet Patch - Love the summon playstyle in Grim Dawn? Then this mod might be for you!

That mod seems to dramatically rebalance, and that may be a strong word as I don’t see any compensation for increasing the summon limits so dramatically, pet builds in a way that would be counter to our approach, so it would definitely remain in the domain of modding.

That said, I don’t see anything in that mod’s description that should be too difficult to fix to get it working with the latest version of the game, if someone picks up where the original modder left off.

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First, thank you for the very quick reply it’s refreshing to see actual employees paying attention and giving feedback.
To reply to what you said I did mention refining the mod to balance it out, based on what I can see here and on Steam more pet focused options is wanted. I Thought this mod might make for a solid outline, save you all some time and work. :smiley: