Abandoned Waterfront Screenshots

As promised, here are a few screens of the new area I’ve been working on. These show some intense combat in the alleys and buildings in the interior of this level. I hope you enjoy!

Also, note the new targeting UI, which we finally updated based on some feedback from the forum that we got a few months ago. It’s nothing fancy but I think it is much cleaner and easier to read than the old one, which had a noisy border that people complained about.

Please proceed to the media section in an orderly fashion…


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Awesome! The game just looks better everytime I see it! (Too many !!!)

Edit: Noticed the clock!

Edit2: Awesome color - keep it up!

Edit3: Was that a cool-downed spell? In ths Waterfront first pic?

Posting for the first time in a long time to say keep up the good work!

Love what I’m seeing every time you guys post something new.

Yeah, that looks awesome. The color is something that is needed in this genre. Seems like all skills in ARPG are fairly bland. I like the different colors.

Awesome screens! Well worth the wait :stuck_out_tongue:

Every time I see a new screenshot, it makes me want the game more. Highly anticipating release already :wink:

You guys are doing a great job, I hope you know that.^^
Especially the last screen (http://www.grimdawn.com/screenshots/2012-02-12_oldwaterfront02_lrg.jpg) makes me REALLY want to play it so badly…REALLY REALLY REALLY.
You nailed the atmosphere of “abandoned waterfront” in my favourite way.^^
Small point: The lifebars of pets and enemies are a little bit too red imo. Like RGB-red if you know what I mean.


Awesome new screenshots! Love the atmosphere and the particle effects.

Those look amazing! As usual :stuck_out_tongue:

Every time I see these kind of night combat shots, I’m amazed how you guys have managed to make it look like a combat rainbow exploded, yet make it look good!

Must be because everything other than the skill effects are pretty normal colors.

Yet again, screenshots that make me drool :smiley:

Whoa! Much better here than on Facebook. My comments on FB were under my real name-Christopher R Adams-feel free to ignore them seeing as the pics linked here seem to show up better than when I click on them via FB. This game is looking great!

I love the colorization! I dig the green ooze on the ground. The environment looks awesome as well. And a crow? Yeah, beat em up Edgar-Allen-Poe style. Fits great with the thematic era.

One small point of critique; I just can’t seem to get over the font (which is used in the monster description - the one in the environment description fits fine - and the font used for the skill numbers is just plain weird).

Anyway, good job!

Oooooo. I wanna go wallowing through the murky waters slaughtering my enemies now. Also, I’m loving the colours against the murky landscape.

Very good and all… but the game needs more cowbell. :cool:

Just noticed:
I see water…but no Turtles. Oo

Nice job :slight_smile: I love the screenshots. Can anyone tell me what classes are those ?

Wow… The game is so dark and gloomy! Fantastic!!!

I like the effects in general, lovely, and the chopped limbs in the house? Hohohoo!! =)

The monsters are looking scary! I love the one at the bottom of the first screenshot (the lightning-pulsing one)

I must say I am really impressed with the environmental details, there is so much to look at, greatly deepening the atmosphere…man, I am expecting the divorce when GD comes out. =D =D =D

I agree with other guys the monsters name’s font could use a bit of a change, same as would the colour of the red hp bar of the pets. I think the level number font could be a bit better, for it stands out there a bit. Oh and HP/“Mana” bars should definitely have text (but I guess you have it just turned off, huh?).

Not sure I get this though. What targeting UI? I see no cursor on any of the screenshots, nor highlighted enemies or whatever I imagine when you say “Targeting UI”. Can someone clear that up for a non-comprehender, please? =)

I think it’s 100% occultist class based off what we know of occultist -

it has a pet raven that heals you (you can see the raven icon) and a hellhound.

On the skill bar you see the other skills, all seem to have some sort of “dark” aspect to them - so I have to go with occultist as my guess.

(the only classes we know atm are occultist, soldier and demolitions, the other 2 we don’t “know” but we assume one is an illusionist type assassin and some sort of ranged fighter)

Abandoned waterfront type font is very cool i vote +1x to

skill/enemy target name font please be the same unique art gothic style!

Anyway i like night battle screens i hope daylight complementer will be the same satisfaction !

I like palettes u work with. Great work Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Thx 4 da great update!

p.s.p:What about random type/color (brown/black/green)rotten hair on zombie’s headz? As i see all of them are pure boldz…(?)

Feel free to delete it if you don’t think it is true. :stuck_out_tongue:

These latest screenshots are all from dusk / night, so the colors are muted. We wanted to have a darker, more ominous phase of night with black shadows instead of just a switch to blue lighting that you often see now in games. When the moon comes out you get more of the blue lighting effect but between sunset and the moon rising, there is a period of dark and then again when the moon sets and the sun rises. Also, this area, which is a trash littered slum with toxic rivers on the edge of another area aptly named “the dumping grounds” is mostly brown and greenish. I think there is a pretty distinct contrast between the color palette of this area and the lush green swamp, orange and red autumn forest, golden farmlands, etc.

If you’re looking for even more extreme, like D2’s transitions from English moor to desert to jungle to hell, that isn’t something we’re planning. This first game takes place in a more intimate locale surrounding the ruins of a town. We’re trying to create a semi-realistic, continuous geographic area.

The starting survivor’s camp is literally surrounded by a fully interconnected landmass. You can set from Devil’s Crossing in three directions (once you repair the other two bridges) and each area you travel into splits off into other locations. It isn’t just a linear string of levels like TQ and the roads in this game actually go somewhere. :wink:

As we continue to add on and expand the game world, you will eventually be able to travel further out to more exotic locations like deserts and snow-capped mountains. There are also randomly occurring portals that can take you into other nightmarish dimensions such as the home realms of the Chthonians and Aetherials.

Oh, also, if anyone was wondering, the only reason I’m not on the verge of death in most of those screenshots is that I had to turn on god-mode because taking screenshots and not dying are tough to accomplish at the same time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Explosion at a paint factory

All those monsters are safe to cycle on the roads at night.