Ability to draw and mark the map...

It’d be great if we could get the ability to draw on the map and then save it to a list that you can toggled on/off. If there’s anything I’d change about Grim dawn it would be that.

The quest/map marker system is just poorly implemented.

+1 , Couple of times already I thought to myself I should come back to a point of interest and couldn’t remember where afterwards…

That would be great. And allow it to be seen by party members as well.

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I would love this. This would help me remember where X boss is or what cave to go into instead of hunting around everywhere for it all the time when It is needed.

Right now there is a lot in the game. I have been told many times that If i did a full clear I would know where everything is. (asked a few times where someone or something was and told to just full clear)

Agreed. Also color coding your party members would be nice.

+1 to the idea. I’ve also thought about it, just was too lazy to post any suggestions.

Even after full clearing like 5 times I still don’t remember where everything is.

This is a great idea and should be implemented. It doesn’t make any sense that once I uncover something on the map that you still can’t see it unless you are close to it. If I was traveling around an unknown land and was mapping it out, I would make points of interest notes on said map.

+1. I agree with this idea.

Actually sounds pretty cool.

I like the idea of being able to draw on the map in your game.

Would be cool to actually draw on it. MS paint type style.

+1 In favour.

Also it would be nice to have all entries on the local map visible at all times, not only when we get nearer to the locations. It’s like our heroes painstakingly draw a map and take notes on where all the caves and locations are, only to erase the stuff when they move out of the vicinity.

Yes please. This was especially annoying while navigating chthonic rifts trying to remember where the exits were. Map markers would be great.

+1 for this! Absolute good idea!

I agree with a more interactive map, but I feel this is something that will be taken care of with mods once they are released and given enough time. For the moment though you can use http://the-maphack.com/index.php?page=2#poi:5

I know it’s not the best and quite honestly I’ve found things on it that are completely wrong, but it’s better than having nothing.

can we get all the monsters, loot chests and exits marked on the map so we don’t have to go looking for them

Good Idea! Add me to the in favor group!