Abominable Might Suggestion

So melee or any WD chaos damage rarely seen any play, I think it’s mainly because of the scarcity of its RR, itemization, skill, and devotion lineup

One think that is actually really good for chaos WD is abominable might procs from devotion (left hand abomination), which adds huge flat damage and 50% physical to chaos conversion. The big downside of this procs is it’s activation condition, that is “100% on enemy death”.

I propose to change its activation condition to “100% chance on attack”, the same as hungering void.

I believe this can encourage people take this skill and make chaos based WD better.

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100% is too much, they will never do that unless they overhaul the skill itself

Then something like 50% chance on attack or something.
Current condition make it’s useless vs bosses that doesn’t summon minions.

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It’s the best if you use it in Crucible for %(high)Weapon Damage Chaos builds. Why can’t it stay this way? We already have Prowess, Sealed Fate, Dreadwalker procs that work in Crucible only.

Because chaos rarely has any support… :frowning:

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I’m kinda tired seeing you saying that it’s best for the Crucible.
Why? because it’s not a good argument to keep it as it is!
True or not, making a devotion with a condition to what gamemode you’re playing is kinda bad and annoying.
Especially when the gamemode to which it’s supposed to be good at is a gameode that not all players owns and not all players play.
We keep seeing these threads about Abominable Might, and there is a good reason for it.

Hey I don’t like it either mate, but if they’re gonna pull that off then I vote we change every On Death proc to something else.

Literally the most useless things in the game and I am not exaggerating. That’s the worst trigger for a proc along with 100% On being hit by a Crit (Fateweaver’s Shoulders)

Since it’s unrealistic to request that I’d say focus on more important things that are good for nothing like the Deathmarked Set (context), Avenger Set, lack of Chaos Melee diversity, Pierce 2h Support, Arcanum Electrollis, Blazerush etc.

Crucible should never be a factor on a skill viability. ALL skills should be viable in the main game, because that’s the top priority. And right now Abominable Might sucks in the main game.

And yes, enemy on death should be removed from the game. I’d rather have a weaker Abominable Might that i can use against everything than a stronger one that doesn’t even work against most major enemies.

This proc provide 86-212 FLAT chaos dmg and 25% health. It is ridiculously Oupie if you can syncronise it with Aeon with some CDR juice.

I could see two adjustments to the game that could justify keeping it:

  1. More bosses, particularly those at the end of roguelikes, should have targettable/killable summons.

  2. On-Kill devotion procs could be assigned to your buffs/auras, so that you don’t need to kill something with one particular skill to get the effect.

That’d make them more playable, I think.

  1. Most bosses at the end of roguelike tend to die before proc expire. If you use mobility skill and time the proc.
  2. no way.

You would give up on hungering Void for Abominable might?
I know it’s possible to have both (with Aeon’s, at the cost of Resist Reduction).
The difference is hungering Void is much easier to deal with while adding a lot of damage if you stack OA.

Well, you can have all 3 of them with Eldrich fire https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZeajRQZ But I doubt that hungering void is better that Fiend.

For chaos I like to go for Aeon + Hungering void + Fiend + Eldritch fire + Acid Spray. It’s a good overall set-up for RR + damage + Aoe (fiend) .
Then again it’s possible to have all the same but with Abominable Might over Hungering Void which I think isn’t the best. hungering Void is just much easier to deal with and you can keep it up more easily and usually because of the way you need to trigger abomniable might it just makes hungering void more efficient overall.

For builds with high %WD Abdominable might is better. With 34% CDR you can drop Aeon and keep both buffs with manticore and fiend. For DW builds you probably won`t even need 100% upkeep due to dmg overkill.

I don’t agree that it sucks in the main game at all. I completed the campaign with that proc and never once found myself thinking: “This proc sucks”. I do think that it might be improved by using something other than “On Death” and would like to see it changed to % chance on crit.

It does suck in the main game because it doesn’t even work against the major threats. At best you have Moose crystals and the small Kubas, every other major enemy doesn’t have adds that you can kill to proc.

The physical to chaos conversion is kind of worthless. Dual Wielders go for Fang of Chthon. Ranged go for Darkblaze which has a bunch of fire to chaos. Cadence has Mythical Voidsteel Gauntlet. Only the health and flat chaos are worth anything.

And last, Chaos weapon damage builds don’t go for Abominable Might. Hungering Void is flat out better due to high crit damage and total speed. Plus being much easier to proc.

That presupposes its function to be one of single target damage versus high value targets. That isn’t necessarily true; even though one might prefer it were.

My axe wielding chap was rather grateful for it, and he used none of the sets or items that you mentioned. I think you might be making something of a hasty generalisation to speak for all dual wielding or ranged characters. Cadence has other options to work with also.

Whether something is optimal or not isn’t always going to be the deciding factor in an individuals build. It is also something of an error to see the proc in isolation as it exists as a part of a larger structure that itself provides bonuses.

As stated previously, I completed the entire campaign and never thought it worthless. Hungering Void is easier to proc, I might even say that it is better for certain build configurations, but I would add that it carries with it a significant cost.

My feedback comes from trying several Chaos builds of a wide variety of types. No hasty generalisation. Chaos Cadence doesn’t have any other option except use Mythical Voidsteel Gauntlets. Unless you want to gimp yourself hard.

I’m talking about the endgame context, where Abominable Might is literally a detriment for your build when you can be using far better procs (Hungering Void for example).

No build, as far as i see, will get any advantage from this when there are much better options. Hungering Void in all chaos builds is just flat out better, when both should be competing with each other instead.

The health regen cost of Hungering Void might as well not be there because it’s so insignificant. When it’s rather easy to get 500 health regen per second. Blood of Dreeg alone fixes most of this.

So in conclusion, Abominable Might is worthless no matter the context, build or anything. This is a fact. This is a T3 proc that gets outclassed by T1 procs. Picking Abominable Might is gimping yourself.

Have you considered that you’re combining perceived weakness within each of those builds into a flawed argument against the proc in general, again seeing it in isolation from its constellation. Perhaps severely gimping oneself is a goal for some? I also find some of your word selection indicative of black and white thinking.

I don’t find the logic here convincing, reducing, as it does, to: Press x to win.

Perhaps they should be competing, or at the very least offering temping possibilities. I do agree that it can be improved.

It isn’t a fact; it’s your opinion. And that’s all well and good. I completed the campaign using this constellation and proc; subsequently, I can hardly describe it as worthless. Again there is absolutely nothing wrong with electing a sub-optimal build.