About Cinderwinds (and other "big" pets)

So this isn’t really feedback for a buff or nerf, but it would impact some pets’ performance, so make of that what you will.

Playing a Codex of Eternal Storms (infinite-duration Wind Devils) build recently that used the Cindertouch gloves (and their Cinderwind proc) and found the spawns from Cindertouch to be really…visually jarring, to say the least. They do not move fast enough to keep pace with players as we move from mobpack to mobpack, instead teleporting (quite often) onto the player’s position to keep up. But even that doesn’t really matter, as they usually wind up despawning before a player reaches another mobpack, making their intermittent journey to and from the player’s side all for naught in the first place.

I don’t really care about the functional performance of Cinderwinds - I think they’re “good enough” to use but not irreplaceable, which means they’re perfect as they are. But visually speaking, I find playing with them to be terribly obtrusive and even hard on the eyes at times, as they come and go from the player’s view.

Run around a bit in an open area at 135% MS and some Cinderwinds up, and you’ll see what I mean.

So I see two solutions to this issue, and both involve changes that would undoubtedly impact Cinderwinds’ functional performance, which means “there is no good solution” (that I’ve thought of) -

  1. Increase their movement speed to 135% (relative to players), or just scale their MS off a player’s MS. This would keep them by a player’s side after an initial teleport and keep them from needing to teleport multiple times over a longer journey. However, higher MS would also make them better in combat, as they’d be able to get from enemy A to enemy B more quickly, improving their damage uptime. So, technically a buff.
  2. Prevent them from teleporting at all. Let them roam about however they choose as a player leaves - maybe they chase after the player, slowly being left in the dust until they despawn - or maybe they pick at some straggling enemies the player left behind. Whatever the case, they would at least stop popping into reality out of nowhere like the fiery jumpscare they presently are. This is probably a ‘nerf’ in the sense that they wouldn’t join players on subsequent mobpacks, but in my experience they already don’t do that, so I don’t think it’d be a substantial performance change.

I’m sure there are other ideas to be had, and I’m sure there are other pets that run into this issue of needing to teleport around to keep up with speedier player characters. If you have such examples of jarring pet-teleportation, please share them below!


This is an example of the kind of teleporting I mean.

(Pardon the possibly-noisy ULTRAKILL music in the bg)

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it’s not just an issue for “Big” pets, it’s an issue for any pet with low movement speed relative to player speed
this is also extremely noticeable for some of the cosmetic pets like the hungerling chubster being extremely slow movement speed wise iirc

I’m sure that’s the case, but the bigger the pet, the more jarring the visual discrepancy is when it happens. :smiley:

not sure if can be done, but a solution would be to make it spin around the player when not in combat, and move freely when attacking. Not sure if possible, it would need to have two VERY different speeds when passive vs aggressive, and would look weird to watch it crawl towards the enemy, and come back super fast. Not sure what the aggro range is either, so for range builds it could very well not be there.

Another solution could be to simply make it disappear faster, and reduce it’s cd. They can be up for a few secs, so when travelling they just go away. Right now last 8 secs with 3 of cd. Can be turned into 2 with 1cd, so it would be more spammable to compensate the lack of duration, but without remaining while walking. The chance of triggering can also be a bit tweaked (15%?) so it appears more often (since it wont last).

Not to necro the thread but I agree with ceno. It’s visually jarring and obnoxious. Make them faster(?), if this causes them to overperform then nerf their damage or duration. I don’t like using those gloves because I don’t like the visuals.

They are already faster

the snapping is really annoying and it still happens