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Hello, newcomer here, friend recommended me a game so i was taught to try it out, its a pretty good game, very titan quest like, so let me jump straight to question, i started couple of classes, one of them i really trying to make to look like POE discharge or D3 condemd crusader build, so i picked Nightblade - ring of steel, trying to get as much CDR as possible so i can use it more frequently, because it remind me of those builds that i mentioned, tryed on grim tools and saw that you can get about 55% cdr whit Arcanist more or less, whit a gear that not really help me much.
So question is it possible to get more CDR or should i just make another character and forget about this one because i’m about lvl 70 on epic and not really feel like enjoying right now with my build, thanks in advance…

Post your grim tools link for the character. Might be other reasons it’s not working smoothly.

here with my current gear…

by”epic” do you mean Elite? because if so then there are a number of things that would make your life easier with this build.

youR resists are low. so is your armor and absorption. Your DA is also probably getting you crit more often which is going to make it difficult.

And your REALLY need to ditch Chains of Anguish. It’s a trap. Read it carefully.

Augments and component choice would shore up a lot of these weaknesses.

Could you stick to the topic and not brag about his build? He is asking about Cool Down and that is also what interest me as well. All other things related to his build are irrelevant.

Welcome to the forum both of you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually it’s not. Cooldown won’t matter if his DA is too low and he gets one-shotted. Or he dies because his resistances are too low.

Someone mentioned either in the GD Discord or in a Steam thread that cooldown reduction maxes out at 50%. I don’t know if that’s correct or not.

But what the OP could do is look for items that also have “of Balanced Steel” as a suffix. These have a ring of steel proc on them which trigger on getting hit so he would have those probably going off while the skill is on cooldown.

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get your ass killed too quick and no amount of cooldown is going to work. wanted to help him shore up the obvious waeknesses before we tackle something more challenging like cooldown.

my advice to you is to get something else then the hourglass devotion for now because the skills you use are not worth the -6 seconds.

Anyway my second advice is to get an autoattack like for example from the component shard of beronath.

my third advice is to use amarastas blade burst its really good.

OK, so let us start from the beginning.

  1. One player asks about cooldown reduction. He is maybe just started playing, he is maybe experimenting and that is fine.

  2. I see the topic and I get interested in this topic because I don’t have a build but some idea in my mind that revolves around cooldown with some totally different skills and classes

  3. And only reply I found is a super jaded reply how he is not good enough but providing NO info about cooldown in which I am interested in.

Is it clear now way it is important to stick to the topic? This is the forum where others can come and get info about particular topic. That is why it is essential to stick to the topic and not brag about other stuff. The reply should be something like moderator gave - that is useful information. Not giving info and wasting time of others is not helpful and for someone who just arrived here painted pretty bad initial image about the community.

I got the info about the cooldown I need. I don’t need to waste my time on this topic anymore.

as the op asked about cooldown and the general information was already given I gave some general pointers how to improve his experience outside of cooldown. Cooldown reduction is already in starpact he has, maybe with some weapon he can increase that cooldown to maybe 30 -35 % but even then it will not improve his experience of the game. That were my reasons.