About crucible Dlc

Hi guys,

I couldn’t find a guide on the forum about Crucible strategies and how to make it through it, so i’m here asking for suggestions as i’m not a super-good player :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically i’ve bought the Dlc and went easily through Aspirant, died at Challenger 150 (double Iron Maiden + Fabius combo) and now i’m fighting my way through Gladiator with this build.

The biggest problems i’m facing are the following:
1- too many visual/light effects on the screen, which cripples my eyes really bad and make me loose control over the situation.
2- don’t have enough intel about the arenas (best fighting spots, should i activate traps, banners ecc. ecc.)
3- some monsters combo are really problematic, how do you escape multiple hard-chasing monsters like Iron maiden and Fabious? They stick up to your ass and never leave it…

If anyone could post his experience or a common strategy would be much appreciated.
Thank you a lot!

Google says:



Do those help?

The build you are following does have mini Crucible guide.:stuck_out_tongue:

The rest comes from experience. Knowing what mobs do what. Do they reduce your resistances, Stun you, trap you etc, when to use your skills, when to tank or back out. You will get a feel for these things.

I could take my most successful crucible build, if someone erased my memory i’d die all the time in crucible:)

The problem here is that people can give you all the strategies in the world but if you are not a good player and you have issues with the effects you will still probably have issues. I mean the best player on this forum could take the “worst” build and make it through crucible because of their experience. It isn’t just about strategy. It’s about knowing when to use your skills. Which skills to use against which enemies. Which enemies can one shot you. How to balance your cool downs and sadly that sort of skill only comes with hours of practice.

I’ve learned more about the game from playing with builds I conceive of myself, even if they fail, than I have from reading and testing the premade builds. The other thing is you have to learn what the visual effect is going to do to your character and the best way to combat it. Like reflective enemies for instance. Some builds can tank reflectives and some builds will die almost instantly to them. The last thing about crucible is that you will not get the exact same situation every time you run the crucible. It is fluid and ever changing. Also, and I may be wrong, but hero monsters and bosses that spawn in crucible can spawn with gear that if they didn’t spawn with your build might do fine against but because of that particular item you might hit a wall or meet your swift demise.

If you have issues with all the visual effects, maybe try a simpler build with fewer effects? How does it cripple your eyes and make you lose control? That is an interesting statement I’d like to see you elaborate on.