About Devotions: ToL, CoD, and Behemoth regen

I have seem a lot build using ToL now. Is ToL’s regen / heal stack with CoD & Behemoth now???

They have always stacked! Why wouldn’t they?!

What builds use ToL?

Well, for me, almost all builds that don’t absolutely have to take some other t3 constellaion and needs some form of sustain out of devotions (so 99% of my non-poison, non-cold and non-vitality/chaos builds).
But most of my builds are casters so weapon based ADCTH is out of the question, therefore besides SoC or Wendigo’s (mark/totem) theres only HP regen left for sustain.
And ToL is just too awesome at that, especially for casters (cd reduction -> (close to) 100% uptime.)

tons of builds do, especially casters.