About Mastery Naming in the UI

Is there any actual way to get custom mastery names (and combined mastery names) to show up on the char sheet/main menu?

I’ve seen a little talk about it here and there but don’t know whether anyone’s figured it out. I scanned the entire database for where ‘tagSkillClassName0102’ (Commando, from tags_skills.txt) shows up, and it doesn’t appear to be used anywhere. If this is the case, is there an alternative means to displaying mastery names?

Furthermore, it seems that tagSkillClassName01 (Soldier, same source) is only used twice; ui\skills\class01\classtable.dbr and ui\skills\classselection\skills_classselectiontext01.dbr reference it. Neither of these have to do with the charsheet or main menu.

There’s this thread which touches on the subject but doesn’t really seem to solve it at all and doesn’t even mention the char sheet problem at all.

Anyone got any insight?

afaik the only way atm is to build your name changes into the original db and overwrite the existing ones. shrug Not optimal but its our only choice for the time being.

isn’t that just the combined name of class01 and class02 ?
So if you know what you have as class01 and class02 and what their combined name should be, could you not just set the tag to that ?

Yeah, it is, but that tag doesn’t seem to be used anywhere is my point. And, furthermore, individual class01/class02 changes don’t show up on the main menu/charsheet either.

afaik the only way atm is to build your name changes into the original db and overwrite the existing ones. shrug Not optimal but its our only choice for the time being.
yeesh, that’s unfortunate…

lazy devs

Yep, it would be nice if these tags existed in a file, somewhere in the DB so we could just change them from there and not have to worry about stepping on each others toes or worrying about overwriting the original tags…

I could be wrong but I haven’t seen a container for those tags anywhere so…

I haven’t investigated this issue, but couldn’t you guys just use a localization to force this?

Seems to work.

The annoying part of it, though, is that it completely overrides your /source/ui/text_en/ folder (as to be expected) but also seems to only take very specific entries. For instance, at first I had defined tagZenithSkillClass01=Terror Knight in my tags_skills.txt file, but such a thing is not recognized. So to get this to work I had to get rid of all the 'Zenith’s.

This is especially problematic when it comes to merging mods and, moreso, is yet ANOTHER reason why the mastery cap seems to be at 9.

But hey, at least it works for individual mods. :rolleyes:

So I guess the TL;DR of it is that /ui/text_en/ is completely pointless and we should all be working in localization instead. Thanks, AssetManager.

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Hey, that’s something! Nice find, thanks @randomspawn.

Can someone suggest me a mod that has this problem so that I could download it and have a look for myself?

Maybe it doesn’t like being called tags_skills.txt? What happens if you rename your tags_skills.txt to zenithskills.txt and then revert back to your tagZenithSkillClass01 naming scheme?

Edit: You’re welcome Asylum, no prob.:slight_smile:

Doesn’t seem to be utilized at all, which I kind of expected.

The Coronus mod should have this problem, unless Somerled solved it and is holding out on us. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure which problem you’re talking about, but any mod that changes classes will have this issue.

Try mine (Grim Quest) or NCFF? (Ctx i think is the name of the creator, its the necromancer mod) or Coronus (somberled) idk if there’s any others with custom masteries. You will make a new character, get a new mastery - push C to see your stats and can read your new mastery name. Get second mastery - the hybrid mastery name will show.

Go to main menu -> looks just fine right? Relaunch game, now mod characters with custom masteries will not show their class names in the char select.

it is used in the player.gdc savefile

I always assumed it is responsible for displaying the class of the char. Is this not the case ?

EDIT: ah,so your issue is that you want to use your own tag, not your own description instead…

Yeah, that probably does not work, the classes are class01 to class09, the combination is whatever 0a x 0b you use

Yeah, I’d imagine that is the case. But is it being read from or written to the player.gdc file?

Problem… this cosmetic issue with the names in the main menu.

Yeah, I got your mod and checked this out. (BTW holy shit the danger of enhookment is real!:D)

Could you please, and if you want of course, post the tags source in your OP in that thread, FOE was also asking for it, but I can’t seem to find it? I can’t have missed it 5 times?:confused:

OK lol I could have sworn I did… But I don’t see it either. I will try to put it up soonish if I remember

given that you did not find it anywhere, I assume ‘read from’ :wink:

If it weren’t read from here, there is no good reason to store it here imo, as the masteries are also stored separately. Given the location (char header section of the savefile) I assume it is there so you can show it on the GD char screen without reading the entire char file, only its header.