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I am Danish and was born in 1977.

I don’t know why I haven’t found this game before now and I am sad. But I am glad, that I have learned about it, because I get the feeling, that it will take a place among the games I’ve played for many hours.

I started playing games on a ZX spectrum and after that Amiga. Back then I do not remember grinding games. But there were games I played a lot on Amiga, to name a few: Civilization, the secret of monkey island, lemmings, cannon fodder, sensible soccer, golden axe, dune 2, eye of the beholder, f29 retaliator, space crusade, north and south, wings, populous and probably a lot more that I have forgotten.

Then I got a pc. The first game I remember playing a lot on pc was warlords, but the hours spend there was nothing compared to my first gaming addiction. I remember getting the demo for Diablo and it blew me away. Here was something that I hadn’t seen before and it was amazing. Even though it was a demo I stopped playing anything else for a week and after that I kept coming back to it.

I am not going to make a long story about the rest of the games I played, but just list the ones, that I remember feeling addictive too (forgetting time and thinking about, when not playing):

Diablo 2

There are other games I have played, but those are the ones I have played the most hours. I have also played world of warcraft, titan quest, diablo 3 and a maybe a few I have forgotten, but did not get addicted, played them a lot, but no addiction.

Now what is my hope for Grim Dawn? Not an addiction to be honest, but close. Its something special to have a game you really enjoy, so you look forward to coming home for work to play it, but with real life commitments it isn’t a healthy thing, when you stay up too late, so you are tired at work or when you skip real life events to play (only happened a few times for me, but it did happen), then it is not good.

That’s enough about me. I hope I will continue to find Grim Dawn fun and be an active member on this forum, when I have questions, comments and answers (if I become knowledgeable enough).

Hi Grokl, welcome!

Don´t be sad, GD isn´t THAT old, you found it in time!
Glad to hear that you are dedicated to Grim Dawn. :wink:

I am a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to games, I “found” Diablo 2 when most people had moved on to newer games with better graphics. :furious:

Also: you kinda missed Titan Quest though. But I digress.


Hi, welcome!

I think you’ll find that a lot of players here come from Diablo 2 and/or Titan Quest
You’ll fit right in!
Imo GD is the true heir of both these games

Well prepare to be disappointed because you’re gonna be hooked :cool:

Welcome to the game and to the forum Grokl. :slight_smile: Plenty of people here have played D2 in their time. As StrUktO said, you’ll fit right in.

D1 too, let’s not forget about d1 and the monk xpac. I used to play online with a 56k dial up modem.

Well, I personally prefer to forget Diablo entirely. Only played a bit of D2 before the miniscule inventory drove me nuts. But it did try it after I’d found TQIT and played that for a fair while so D2 is a step backwards as far as I’m concerned.

Respectfully disagree for a number of reasons

Not a problem. I know a lot of people like it and still do. It was groundbreaking in its time and is still the example every other RPG is rated against. But I’d rather have TQIT/AE over it any day. I’ve tried it, didn’t like it, end of it for me.

Titan quest was out ages after diablo anyway i don’t feel like making a comparison berween those 2.

Thank you all for the welcome.

I did play titan quest, but, while it is a good game, I did not play it that much. Probably because I discovered a stash addon with a trainer. Not so much fun when you can click yourself to max level with BiS, imo. So never got that into it.

Diablo 2 is still the best ARPG in my mind. I still play it with some years between. Stash is small, but can make mules. Also not so many items you wan’t to save, as I feel so far there is in GD.

Still enjoying GD, but haven’t found the build I will try to take to level 100 first.