About mining, metalworking and metal goods

I have 2 iron mines, 2 coal mines, 2 smeltworks and 2 blacksmiths. They are all fully staffed, i.e. 16 metal miners, 16 coal miners, 12 smeltworkers and 8 blacksmiths. (In addition to that I have one weapons storage producing weapons. I also have 2 glass works producing glass and cosuming coal.)

But, the amount of goods produced by all these people are surprisingly low. I constantly have a shortage of swords, tools and heavy machinery. This setup cannot produce enough to support a village of 600 or so people.

How many mines, smeltworks and blacksmiths do you have to support your village?

EDIT: I could of course build more of the same, but I am hesitant to do that since there is alread 52 people involved in the production. When I am thinking about low production, that is in relation to the amount of people needed to produce the goods.

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