About skill points

Hello to everyone!
I wonder how many skill points/attributes are in game after you reach level 100.
From : http://www.grimtools.com/calc/ you see that are 105 attributes and 244 skill points.
I have already those 105 attributes but in skill points I miss one and I don’t know where or why, I have only 243.

From my math :
level 2 to 50 = 3 skill points per level = 147 skill points
level 51-90 = 2 skill points per level = 80 skill points
level 91-100 = 1 skill point per level = 10 skill points
from difficulties - 1 skill point per difficulty = 3 skill points
from The Hidden Path quest - 3 skill points per difficulty = 3 skill points
TOTAL : 147 + 80 + 10 + 3 + 3= 243 skill points
One of my friends say that he have 244 skill points… so I think the calculator is ok. From where I can take the missing skill point ?

Thank you in advance…

There’s a quest in the expansion that gives you an extra skill point. Ultimate only though.

Thank you! I finish Elite two days ago… and now I play only to make fast reputation for the 3 new factions… then I start Ultimate.

Hi, could you be more specific about that quest in ultimate because I just finished the ultimate difficulty but was not able to find that quest.

It’s called The Other You and it’s given by Rugia in the Coven base.

cool thanks

What the hell… I only have 240 with a Death Knight… Why Happens this??

do you have FG? Have you done all “secret” quests? Have you done Shattered Realm?

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You should have in FG 248 skill points.

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See the bottom of this page for quests that give skill/attribute points.


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Yes i have FG and right now i finish all of the secret quest, now i have 243 skill points, still missing 5 points… 4 if i count the quest “The Other You”… Thanks anyway!!!

you get 3 from the Shattered Realm. The first one is easy think its shard 5. Then then its shard 15 and 25. Then you get one skill point from one of the later quests in FG main campaign on ultimate

Oh i don’t know that ,THANKS again, by the way great work with beginner builds

You could have just read the page that medea gave you

Found this which is even clearer.


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btw there is a ghost that gives you an easy quest- kill a harpy, then she provides +1 attribute