About some of the Conjurer changes in 1.1

Is this overall gonna be a nerf or do you guys think it’ll be a buff only for builds not centered about Beastmaster Conjurers?

Pet builds as a whole got nerfed imo. But I say nerfed in the sense that we probably won’t see and 5 min crucible runs :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think 5 minute runs were intended. Anyway, I for one will be glad if there is some actual competition for the helm slot. Currently there’s no choice at all.

Chaos pets took a pretty big hit.

Elemental pets took a small hit to peak power but gained a ton of flexibility in a way that is IMO positive overall.

Physical pets received a minor buff.

Bleed pets received a major buff.

Poison pets received a medium buff.

Vitality pets probably net received a minor buff.

As Maya said, 5 minute gladiator times are probably a thing of the past, but I think in the grand scheme of things pets are definitely doing pretty good.

Variety is certainly up, that doesn’t hurt.

But is it though?

Myth Beastcaller is still BiS for helmet regardless of class combo.

Gloves, Boots and Pants don’t really have any competition.

Relic choices are still the same.

Cat’s eye would still remain as the general go to for Off-hand.


I mean, sure we got new toys to play with. But I was kind of hoping for more. Also to be honest, I don’t really understand the devs trying to make hybrid happen even after all this time.

Mythical Circlet of the Great Serpent is a lot more comparatively competitive than it was before, particularly with Ghol builds (both Cabalist and Ritualist), and Necrolord’s Gaze is useful on both Ritualists and Bysmiel’s Trinket’s Conjurers.

Ghol’s Reach is great option, Deathright Handguards for vitality pets, Runebrand Legwraps are pretty good for Conjurers, Druids, and Warlocks (there is far more Archanist support on pet items, making the latter two more attractive than before).

While mostly true, Primal Instinct is lot more competitive outside of the crucible, where things aren’t quite as fast paced and there are no crucible buffs that the swarmlings are missing.

This, sadly, is true.

Hm… I am still not sold on the Ghol set, either as a whole or on specific pieces. I will have to wait until release, I guess. Hopefully the new pet is good.

Damn that kinda sucks, but I figured it’d be an overall nerf. I was just starting to enjoy my Conjurer a lot and not 'cause the Crucible (which I barely play 'cause it’s kinda boring and stressful)

I hope there are alternatives for Conjurers and we don’t fall too far behind 'cause of the changes…but maybe we’ll be ok because of the extra skillpoints for the pet aura abilities in FG.

If not…then maybe I’ll have to start a new character lol

why cataclysm’s eye for pet builds?

That’s an understatement, IMO.

Cat’s Eye

This is something I took for granted and was surprised not to see in FG: new offhand pet gear.

The +1 to all skills + the Chaos and Stun resistance along with the CDR it provides. Even with no pet bonuses, those come in handy.