About spells using weapon damage and ADCTH

Second part of Dreeg’S Evil Eye uses weapon damage. I wonder if “ADCTH” spells are affected by all spell damage or just damage produced by second part of skill chain? Thus depending on answer, does ghoulish hunger make sense with DEE?

Only the 15% weapon damage will be affected by lifesteal; none of the poison, acid, or vitality damage listed on the skill will be affected by it. So ghoul would suck hardcore on DEE.

The only time a skill can heal you is if the skill itself says it converts damage to health - see Sigil of Consumption, Wendigo’s Mark (Wendigo constellation), Tip the Scales (Scales of Ulcama constellation), Lifestealer Nova (on items), etc.

Thanks for the info. My soc hits like 7k currently, it heals like god. So best heal spell in the game is SOC heh.

Yes, for clearing monsters. But for single target, Wendigo’s Mark is actually much better, with more base damage and more ADCTH.
Of course, combining the two is pretty awesome. :wink:

Also, this is all about lifestealing in some way. The best “heal” spell, as in it just straight up heals you, is Wendigo Totem.
And yet again, combining all of that is just hilarious - Wendigo Totem, SoC, and Wendigo’s Mark (heck, throw in Scales of Ulcama) is insane healing. Part of the reason Conjurer is the most popular class (in the build compendium at least).
The other reason being pets.

Agree on single target part, but with high damage of SOC and it is always on and it stacks, it makes it so good. With three enemies i drain over 7k hp per tick (i think nothing can heal more and damage at the same time). Since i can cast one more before it finishes , it is just plain good. Thus item’s soc’s stack with main soc. I hope they do not change that =)

Don’t know why they would remove that, both Sigil overlap for a short bit. Although yeah, I’m pretty used to cast it constantly when fighting bosses/resistant ennemies.

Who doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

personally I don’t think Sigils healing works as it is suppose to. I have almost 9.5K DPH on Sigil and my crits are between 13k and 20K with it (2.7k OA). And Yet there are times I still drop below 30% while fighting mobs in main campaign and dont quickly bounce back to full. Also have tip the scales, giants blood and Blood of dreeg. And Gladiator has been brutal so far (got 50 unlocked finished up to wave 80 but had to log out. Seems way to may Chthonic bosses in Gladiator)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that ADCTH was calculated and affected by the maximum HP of the monster? That is, if the monster has 2k HP, but you hit for 20k, you still only get maybe 30% of 2k on the heal.

Or… am I imagining things and made that up? I think this was mentioned way back during the beginning of Early Access?..

An interesting question would be: Is the healing from SoC only from the Vitality Damage and not the Fire/Chaos Damage from the modifier or is it from all damage from the skill. (I’m too tired to test right now)

Yeah pretty sure thats how it works, but in ultimate most things that actually hurt you take many ticks from Sigil before dying.

That is the only problem of the build… if you can survive the hit, then you are good to go.

Nah I haven’t died. Just sometimes even tho I have 3 sigils down at same time and am usually doing between 7k and 20k+ per tick (Depending on mobs resists), just doesn’t seem like the healing is working right.

Edit: I forgot about lifesteal resistance of mobs. This is why we don’t get healed that much

Can you test? If we assume there are 3 enemies on sigil and it hits 10k damage than you will heal 10k. Best testing method is, have negative regen vitality reserved spells(or if you can pull it off just let a trash mob hit you) and dont activate your buffs. Dont use cof on enemy, while you are half hp try sigil only(also remove devotion proc from soc). Then check the number of on the enemy and your hp. That is only way i guess.