About the charge attack cancelling

Hi! Here’s a post I didn’t think I would have to make.

Couple of weeks ago I happened to mention in passing in one of the bug threads that movement skills such as Blitz could be cancelled mid execution by doing a stationary attack (shift+click). I mentioned it cause it’s not well known and, among other helpful uses, it can get you unstuck in case pathfinding throws a fit and you get stuck in place during a shadow strike, which was a problem described in that thread.

I have a sneaking suspicion that me mentioning this trick led to charge attack cancelling not being present in the current build of the game ( maybe cause of a misunderstanding, or maybe for some other reason. Maybe it has nothing to do with my post at all. The point is – I want it back.

About those other helpful things:

  • Safety net in case of an accidental charge into a thick crowd of mobs
  • Avoid aggro by cancelling at the last possible moment (works with some more passive enemies)
  • Various speedrun uses

I can’t see how things that allow for additional control over your char are bad, at least in this exact case, so please bring charge attack cancels back.

A small gallery of speedrun charges with cancel present:



New patch has released with cancels still absent, so I’m bumping this thread so that it hopefully gets a little bit more attention. The topic hasn’t lost relevance within our speedrunning community.

Is the charge cancelling coming back? Has it been removed as an unintended mechanic? Is its absence just a consequence of FG-related movement rework? I’d be glad to have an answer to any one of the above questions.

+1, would be nice to have it fixed, but not a top priority for me. There are more important things that should be fixed.

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Both skills can be cancelled when you arrive on the destination. If you’re fast enough (irl) or you character has low attack speed, you can press to move (just move) and cancel the damage.

The problem is that it was previously possible to cancel before arriving to the destination. That is what I want back.

The second part of your post makes me very curious, actually. I’d appreciate if you sent me a message, cause I want to discuss how that can be done.