About Those Two Lightning Builds

Hello everyone! I was thinking about making a Lightning build, and started wondering about those two builds:

jajaja: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVb1dzz2
Pyroscar: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26JlRv2

Wondering what you guys think comparing those two builds. And I guess both can tackle Crucible 150-170.

I’d say that second setup is better for Elementalist. Or maybe use Ugdenbog Stormstrife with it.

If you are choosing between those two, I would choose first one, because it’s a hybrid, which means you can sometimes physically chop some foes and kite from others. Melee is more fun. But I don’t know if it can complete new Crucible, you have to ask build creator (I am guessing it can tho).

I imagine the second one can still melee, but more focused on getting the buffs. Problem with elementalist is one: thermite mine. I hate them! :grin:

It can’t, Savagery there is purely for OA/DA/and now Slow Res bonus (and damage buff). I mean, technically you can melee, but damage comes from Storm Totems and Storm Strife. :wink: