Accessibility issue - color/saturation hue changes

I’m hating this post, because I really love this game! But I was asking about this on the dev stream the other day, and wanted to clarify what I meant by “the screen gets so dark I can’t see it”. My vision isn’t the best, and the saturation/hue changes being used to signify season changes are so jarring that I have to stop “work” for about 3 months of game time (the dark, blurry bits in the middle.) Honestly, it jerks me right out of the game, and once I adjust to that, here comes early spring and it’s now so bright I’m blinded again.

I first noticed this about a year ago. I couldn’t say what version we were on then, but it’s an issue that persists across every version, no matter what machine I’m on. I personally have went from 750 to RTX3060 to RTX4070, and also across 4 different monitors, ranging from 60hz to 240hz.

It seems like you’re changing the air color. I’d love it if you could just use the changing tree leaves and greening/browning grass or snow to signify fall/winter and not make everything so dark and blue. Or as an accessibility feature, give us a way to turn the saturation off so it stops doing that.

The shots in first pic were taken today, 0.92p1. The second link is shots I took last Apriil.

A year in color slices
Shots from last April

Looking at these pics again, and the ones on the front page of this forum, it’s like it’s just late autumn, early winter, BEFORE it snows. Once it snows, no problem, everything is easy to see.

Looking at your images, the contrast does not look so extreme as to make it difficult to discern what is happening (to me), which makes me wonder if it is perhaps your monitor settings?

I don’t think it’s equipment, since I’ve played it on 4 different monitors since last April. I’m pretty sure it’s just an eyesight thing, which is why I’m thinking of it as an accessibility issue, not really a game bug.

Not expecting a “fix” for this since I’m not sure what you can do to fix my eyeballs! :slight_smile: Just wanted to put out there that maybe in the future an option to minimize the transitions might make it more comfortable for players who do have some vision issues. Probably ought to move this entire post over to suggestions/feedback.

This (the darker hues during late autumn/early winter) is an issue for me too, so it isn’t just CalligenNox’s monitor settings. I have also played this game on multiple machines and monitors and all devices have the same visibility issue. My workaround has been to turn on the fertility or desirability layers to increase the visibility during the very dark months. If there could be an setting to tighten the range of hues to reduce the very dark colors during the autumn/early winter months, it would be much appreciated! Personally I have no issues with the bright colors Calligen mentioned, just the dark contrast. I love this game!

OMG thank you for the suggestion! It never occurred to me to turn on an overlay.

It’s not the brights that bother me, really, it’s those few months where it’s very dark. But what a great workaround!