Achievements Error

So i just survived the Chamber of Souls on Ulti - no achievement !

Kasparov in Devil’s Crossing, but dunno where Darlet is - not in cellar in Burrwitch…

Enlist the help of a Blacksmith. - Angrim in town - no achievemnt

Rescued Ulgrim in the Burrwitch Outskirts. - no achevemnt

Complete the Game on Ultimate Difficulty. - i did - main story line - no achievemnt - maybe it means entire content…all quests and secret quests ?

Uncover Darius Cronley’s Secret. - killed him but crystal alreayd been used and no achievement

Defeat the Avatar of Mogdrogen. - do i have to kill him - my blow, do i have to be alone, it says strongest monster killed is the avatar, but was in a party.

Slay Archon Barthollem in the name of the Order of Death’s Vigil on Ultimate Difficulty. - Went in his tombm didnt find him - he doesnt spawn always ? or is it a quest ?

Do i have to be in single player to get achievements ? Or is it a bug - cause Im doing all of them, and stumbled on theese that seem to not work !

Just survived Fields of Despair on Ulti and also killed the Loghorrean, Voice of Ch’thon on ulti, both in single player - but no achievements ?!?!

You should be seeing something flashing up on the screen, at least, but, yes, there does appear to be a bug in the journal: I don’t refer to it very often, but have noticed that it will often detail things as still being open, or unfinished, even after I have completed them (and got the achievement).

Darlet is most definitely in a cellar in Burrwitch, but she is difficult to locate and get to: if you find a shrine in the nobles district, you will be in the right area and should see markers (two of) on your map.

I am not an expert on the game mechanics, but I would say that either your game is not fully updated, your game install is borked / broken, or your save game(s) have been corrupted.

So i should reinstall game 1st !
2nd - is there anyway to see if my saves are corrupted ? Any program ?

And 3rd - i didnt get the achievements at all - i did what needed - but no icon down right screen, i am doing achievemnts since yeterday, all work but the ones i said