Achievements question

Hi all! Does someone know if the stats from different characters add together to unlock achievements. More specifically, for the “An Ocean of Blood” and “Master Crafter”, do I have to kill 300000 monsters and craft 1000 items with only one character?

I have played with only my Arcanist since achievements were released, except for the Elementalist I started last week, so I have no idea if the stats add together or not.

They must be completed on one character.

Master crafter for a fact doesn’t need to be one character.

Otherwise my new guy who was at a low level crafting a set of boots wouldn’t have gotten it.

Ok, thanks guys!

Since the rare crafting materials are stuck on the character that finds them, everyone of my chars will end up crafting a bit.

ok, thanks

so does anyone know for sure for the ocean of blood? The highest I have on any one char is 170k or so. 330k more would be about 100 hours of playing that char only.

Is there a way to see how many items I already Crafted? I can only see how many stuff I killed ext… at the 3rd stat page…