Acid AAR build

Hey folks, back to playing Grim Dawn after the drop of the new patch. Quick question. Are there any in game items that could make an acid AAR build? Items like converting aether, fire and lightning into acid? I did a quick search but couldn’t find anything. Thanks in advance.

Short answer: no.

Long answer: with the conduit “100% aether damage converted to acid to Blood of Dreeg” gone, you can only achieve 80% conversion
100% elemental to acid is achievable. You’ll struggle to find any AAR skill points on items though.

You have TSS and Devastation full acid conversion as conduit amulet now.

Thanks for the reply. That sucks though. Would be awesome to see an acid laser beam. Oh well. Thanks again.

Another quick question, why doesn’t Crate put more transmuters into the skill tree. Especially for a deceiver, like convert all elemental into acid/poison instead of us having to farm for hours just for specific pieces. Too time consuming.

I had a rough starter idea for an acid AAR. It must be occultist for BoD, though. The greens are blank and it needs more work, but could be interesting:

Basic warlock acid AAR idea

(some affixes are present, but those are the ones I deemed to be very desired and relatively easy to find. -Perhaps not the Magi prefix as there are ~30? variants of magi and thus is pretty unlikely to get the correct one.).

Because it’s easier to change/remove if things go wrong :slight_smile: more flexible to put that in items.

Why not simply 100% elem to acid and obliteration (from this off-hand) ?

Thanks for the reply. You stated that it would be easier to remove if things go wrong. To change the transmuter all you need if about 2500-3000 iron bits and go see the lady in Devil’s Crossing to remove it. I think that is much easier then having to hunt for specific gear to make an idea work.

Also, I am not sure how Obliteration scales compared to AAR but I see your point.

Thanks for checking into it. Obviously, not much gear support. Maybe Crate will add it in for a later patch.

I really want a dual pistol acid build but the requirements are freaking ridiculous. To get the pistols, you have to finish the base game and BOD has to run 100% of the time. Talk about Pain in the ARSE. I am pretty sure I am NOT the 1st person to think of this so why is it so difficult for Crate to implement?

There should be a global transmuter or even a Exclusive that converts all elemental to acid or vitality in the Inquisitor skill tree. Come on Crate. Damnit, we know that Creed is a Deceiver.

I was thinking from a Devs point of view.

Yeah but at least, you don’t care about skill points and can get another acid skill: DEE, TSS, Deva …

That is true. But we all know that damage (either causing it or mitigating it) is the name of the game. The faster you kill something the less chance it has of killing you.