Acid DW Yugol's Hunger Witch Hunter spent a few hours in Grimtools, 2nd attempt at a Spin2Win build that’s pretty much locked from SR because it isn’t Lightning, Physical or Fire damage.

I have this one:
But still, the spin feels too weak. And that’s already with 150k sheet dps.

Highest damage dealt is actually twice what my Cold EoR Dervish but never got higher then about 130-150K DPS according to Grim Internal for this build.

My Pierce EoR Dervish got 250k Dps,but is too glassy in this state:D.WH with spin2win will deal less damage and I doubt will have high survivability.But concept is cool.

250k dps is rather high. Mine has 230k only. :confused:

I rolled with ravager helm + 3 piece rimetongue + 2x reavers.

I’m guessing you did the same?

No,3 pices Deathmarked for AS bonus,dual Reavers claw,Night embrace amulet,treacherous mind for conversion belt,Guardians on assasin blade and EoR on Azraaka.I got like 120 or more crit modifier on EoR,Gladiator 150-167 in 6 mins and after that,horrors:eek:

I managed to hit naked 169 with mine -

Maybe with your perspective you can help improve it?

What do you think?

But this is Paladin:undecided:.Anyway why your cunning is so low?On my version I have 1750.Other than that your build is classes above mine:D.You have better CC,but wonder is EoR affected by disrupt,because if it is,you need to find source,cause no spin,no win.I use on my Stormtitan plates,if you have other sources of stun,Serpentine blue boots are very good.

Which Mastery combo would be better then Witch Hunter? I’m still an ultra-noob at this so just went with WH cause both masteries support Acid damage and Acid resist redux.

Hey, I’m currently testing out this version,
Highest DPS so far is 290k and it seems do be doin pretty well.
Not sure if Voracious reach is the real dmg dealer tho…

I’m gonna do some more testing