Acid sentinel (help needed)

Hello fellow players. Recently I tried making a retaliation acid sentinel as I adore the theme of it. But it feels super squishy. I die whenever too much happens on screen and for the love of Ulzuin I can’t find why.

I would apreciate if someone with more expertise than me could give me a hand at improving it.

The build is as follows:

Thanks in advance and happy gaming.

Here’s your problem: 2544 DA.

Is that what’s killing me? I have no idea how to get more though. But 2544 on the normal game doesn’t seem that low. Not low enough to be obliterated

Chain crits can kill even a retaliation build. You need enough DA that you won’t get crit even after debuffs, or, if you can get crit, then it’s a very very low probability to prevent chain crits. 2544 is fine for most of the game, but nemesis, Roguelikes, crucible, SR…basically all endgame content can chain crit you with such low DA. For comparison, I’m at 2870 on my Venomblade Dervish and 3250 on my Octavius Warlord. You probably need to be somewhere between those 2.