Acid Spray vs. Assassin Mark

Hi guys,

I have been wandering what would be a better option for reducing physical resistance in 1.o.o.8: acid spray or assassin mark?

There are also issues that keep confusing me:

  1. AM 100% on crit vs AS 15% on attackā€¦:confused:
  • What has a better chance to proc? On crit is dependannt on my OA - my Commando will have high OA (currently at clvl 42 it is 12oo-ish so I guess it is not low, is it?)

  • Acid Spray 15% on attack - if I put it on Flash Bang does it mean it is 15% chance for every mob hit by FB or 15% chance per one FB cast? If it is 15% per a mob hit it would mean one cast hits all mobs given FB radius :smiley: Same goes for Force Wave.


Assassinā€™s mark is mandatory for phys build since its stack with all other debuff RR source, for the flat RR part i would recommand a 12/12 breakmoral if you are soldier, otherwise manticore or Black Star of Deceit can be considered.


I like war cry + break moraleā€¦looks cool on grim calc;)