Act 2 mobs hit hard

Hi everyone,

For my first character I am following Nery’s build..

Krieg and Crownley was easy on ultimate but some guy in act 2 hit hard. I died 10 times :slight_smile: I am missing something ? This is my buid

Your piercing and poison resistances are atrocious, and that’s a big deal for act 2 because many enemies there deal piercing damage (Cronley’s gunmen, arsonists, murderers, undead archers, etc.). You need to raise them ASAP.

Even with buffs ? I have 83% in poison and 27% in piercing. Is 27% low ?

Pretty much yes, most of the time you’ll need 80% all resistance at all times, and if possible with 10-30% overcap resist (10% overcap is enough for main campaign).

silk swatch in pants, go back to elite and do some devil crossing bounties to get revered and use their pierce resistance armor augment :slight_smile:

btw do not use scourge strike you are not melee char

use purified salt or something in shield, your blocking sucks anyway so dont use serrated shell

Perhaps farm mountain deep in elite for better weapon (and shield, one that has +% physical res), like the one he recommends in guide? Boneblade

Leather hide in helmet for more stun res, also why not use level 75 fettan mask?

Use augments in rings and amulets
The augments you use in weapon and shield only kicks in if you use weapon damage (scourge strike in your case) but use other than these.

Left ring, I think the free items skinner seal or slith primal ring are better

Oh, I didn’t notice Blood of Dreeg. Anyway, yes, 26% piercing resist is quite low for ultimate.


I already apply Devil’s crossing augments (I missed only 100 points to be revered :slight_smile: )

Why I should not use Scourge ? Am I not supposed to be a melee character ? :thinking:

Actually, I am waiting to farm weapons in mountain deep in ultimate.

I don’t understand your remark about weapons augments. Are augments damage not global damage ?

I have now this build.

looks to me you are mostly a caster

the reduced targets resistances will only work if skill with weapon damage hit them. You could find more defensive augments

I wrote the wrong link :slight_smile: This is this one.

Oh ok good to know for the weapons augments.

Even a character with a sword can be played like a caster ?

Your methods of delivering damage defines what kind of character you have. All of your skills are casted, the only melee skill you possess is Scourge Strike, which doesn’t really make you a melee character. In Grim Dawn anything goes: a caster can run around with a mighty two-handed mace, while a warrior can strike his foes with a grimoire.

And by the way, that type of resistance reduction from your weapon augments doesn’t stack with eachother, so you’ll only have 15%.

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I would read Nerys guide a bit more detail :slight_smile:

farm them in elite now, get one with +% vitality damage affix

same with helm any Gargoyle Visage is almost BiS right now. Also level 75 version Fettan mask with its +1 all skills etc


I don’t get it. My head have +1 to Ocultist and +1 to Shaman. This is the same +1 to all skills ?

ah ok you posted another GT link, yeah that head is fine :slight_smile: Gargoyle visage gives resistance reduction to bloody pox which is kinda bif buff

resistance reduction is one of the most important way to increase damage that is why you want that sword bone blade :slight_smile: (and gargoyle visage)